Monday, August 13, 2007

Who better Than WB Mason? Derek Jeter, That's Who!

Wooooo! I am freakin' pumped! The end of tonight's Yankee game was one for the ages. Melky guns down Mora to save the tying run from scoring. Abreu almost ends the game in similar fashion but his throw was just high. Melky gets beaned, which was off because the catcher was set up low and away and the pitch was high and inside. The Giambino muscles a single to RF and a deep playing Orioles OF allows Melky to get to 3rd. And then the Captain. Oh the Captain! Jeter comes through in the clutch (again) with a little dribbler off Bradford's glove and Melky scores. Yankees win! Thuhhhhhh Yankees win! Mother eff yeah.
This was a fun one. Wang struggled in the first but settled down. His struggles lately don't really bother me all that much. He's got the ability to settle down and the offense has the ability to pick him up. We saw it tonight. We'll see it again.
How awesome is Joba Chamberlain? He has been lights out! Dude has an arm doesn't he? Wow. I'm not sure he was deserving of the "player of the game" award, but I can support that choice. Move over K-Farns. your services are no longer needed. I wouldn't be surprised if we rarely, if ever, see K-Farns pitch again. Especially in a close game. It would be a dream come true. Mo was a little shaky. I wouldn't care so much but it's his second sub-par outing in a row. But he's Mo. He'll work through it. And it won't take long. Chamberlain gets the 8th. Mo the 9th. Game over.
Melky gets my choice for player of the game. The diving catch. The RBI double. The 9th inning gun down. Melk is in the zone. Sorry I doubted you. This just goes to show that Melky is best suited to play everyday. He struggled when he was a part-time player. He's been off the chain since getting regular ABs. Surprisingly, the only Yankee starter without a hit tonight was Robbie, who has been absolutely phenomenal at the plate. He was due for an O-fer. Everybody else picked him up. That's how they roll.
Karstens gets the spot start tomorrow in place of the Rocket. Let's keep this ball rolling.
Peace, love and Pinstripes!