Thursday, August 14, 2008

Gut Check Time

The worst case scenario for the Yankees happened yesterday. They lost and all the key players ahead of them won. Yesterday could not gave gone any worse for the Yankees. Hopefully, the off day gives them time to recharge, and maybe, just maybe, might energize them enough to make one final push. Here's where they currently stand:

Tampa Bay 72-47 -
Boston 70-51 3
New York 64-57 9

Boston 70-51 -
Chicago 67-52 2
Minnesota 67-53 2.5
New York 64-57 6

I've pretty much written off the AL East. They're 10 back in the loss column with just over 40 to play. The Rays would have to totally collapse, which is highly unlikely, or the Yanks pretty much have to run the table against both the Rays and the Red Sox to pull that off, again, highly unlikely. For those not familiar with the schedule they have 6 games left with each. Catching Boston for the wild card is possible, but I'm not liking our chances. And even if we do catch the BoSox, we still need some help leap-frogging the other two. It's gut check time. Time for these guys to dig deep and show us what they're made of.

Peace, love and Pinstripes,