Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Now Warming Up: The Fat Lady

Yeah, I'm thinking the season is pretty much over. I've thought this for a while but the Yankees always seem to find a way to keep me hanging on to some hope. The winning streak after the All-Star break. Sweeping Baltimore. Coming into today I was feeling pretty good. I know sweeping the Red Sox is no small task but I really thought that these guys were going to make a magical run. And don't get me wrong, there's still time to do that. Just look back to last year when the Mets collapsed and the Rockies made that incredible run. Anything can happen. But what we saw tonight is pretty indicative of what's been happening all year, and that's not showing up when it counts.

Andy. Andy. Andy. You sucked tonight bro. 4.2 innings? 6 earned runs? 10 hits? 3 walks? Brutal. Absolutely brutal. The worst part about Andy's night were the 2 out hits. 3 2-out singles in the 2nd lead to a run, and 4 2 out singles in the 5th led to 3 runs. That was just awful. I was expecting him to be much better than he was.

Brian Bruney. Fine night to walk 3 straight batters. He hasn't always had the best control but he'd been better this year, walking only 11 in 21.1 innings. Way to pitch effectively.

And then there's the worst of them all, A-Rod. 0-5 w/7 men left on base. A double play in the 3rd. A fly out with 2 on and one out in the 5th. And my favorite, an inning ending DP with the bases loaded and 1 out and the tying run at bat. Last year in these spots he was automatic. This year in those spots he's been absolutely awful. Coming into tonight's game, Alex was hitting .250 with RISP. He was hitting .245 with RISP and 2 outs. He was hitting .111 with the bases loaded. Not numbers you'd expect from last year's MVP. Last year A-Rod hit .333 w/RISP, .318 w/RISP and 2 outs, and .500 with the bases loaded. In his career, .303 w/RISP, .273 w/RISP and 2 outs, and .339 with the bases loaded. Not two ways about. Alex sucks in big spots. This year's numbers are remarkable considering he's hitting .308 w/28 HRs and 78 RBI. I never thought he deserved the boos before. He definitely deserves them now.

So now we're 6 back in the wild card and the stopper Sidney Ponson goes tomorrow. It might as well be my 1-year old son out there. I really think they're going to eat him alive. The WHIP finally caught up to him in Toronto. He's allowed too many baserunners all year and has found ways to wiggle out of trouble. The Red Sox lineup isn't going to let that happen. the Yankees are staring a 7 game deficit square in the face. I realistically thought the Yankees would take 2 of 3, winning Pettitte's start and Moose's as well. I don't think Ponson has a chance. And right now, I don't think the Yankees have much of a chance either.

Listen close and you'll hear the fat lady warming up.

Peace, love and Pinstripes,



Dave said...

And how many of that 250 RISP has been little doinks that don't make it out of the infield that doesn't score any runs?
I know I've seen 3 of those from him...

He's a loser- Been on loser teams.. He won't win a championship if he's got to get the big hit in the big spot.

The greatest player of this generation doesn't scare ya if he's up in a big spot..
Can he just put his head in there once and take one for the team?

Couldn't hurt the team..

Scotty Brosius is coaching college baseball out here- I can see if we can get him back..