Wednesday, August 13, 2008

What A Difference A Year Makes

I didn't catch much of the game today, which is usually the case during Wednesday day games. They always start during a standing meeting and always seem to fall on Wednesdays when there's a meeting that follows the 1st meeting. I try to follow along on the Yahoo gamecast as best I can, but I can't really pay it much attention.

I saw on the gamecast that we jumped out to an early lead, scoring in the 1st. When my 1st meeting ended, it was still 1-0. I was liking their chances. And then I come back an hour later and it's 3-1 with Giese on the hill. Ugh. I listened all for about 15 seconds when it became 4-1 Twins. I heard the "rally," if you can even call it that. Last year, A-Rod would have yanked that pitch out of the park. This year, not so much. What a difference a year makes. It's frustrating to watch.

In looking at the box score, it doesn't look like the Yankees did much of anything. 5 hits and 2 walks? This offense is capable of so much more. Actually, maybe they're not. They haven't exactly torn the cover off the ball this year. Maybe it is what it is. And what it is is mediocrity. Coming into today, the Yanks were ranked 5th in the AL in batting average (.272), 3rd in OBP (.344), and 6th in SLG (.425). You'd think that those stats would mean they'd score more runs. They rank 7th in runs scored (578), which works out to 4.79 runs a game. Last year, they averaged 5.98 runs per game. What a difference a year makes. It's frustrating to watch.

So it's back to the friendly confines of Yankee Stadium for a 3 game set against the 54-65 Royals. This might be just what the doctor ordered. Back at home where they're 36-26 against a team with a 26-31 road record. They really need to sweep these guys. The up-to-date standings have the Yanks 8.5 back of the Rays, 5.5 back of the Red Sox, 3.5 back of both the Twins and White Sox. It's actually worse than that because they're 10 back in the loss column against the Rays, 6 against the Red Sox, 4 against the Twins, and 5 against the White Sox. 41 games left in the season. There's time to make a run, but if they continue to play like they have been, it'll be over before we know it. Last year at this time the Yanks were 67-54, 5.5 games out of 1st and only .5 games back in the wild card standings. They're only 3 games worse than they were last year but they looked so much better. So much better. What a difference a year makes. It's frustrating to watch.

Peace, love, and Pinstripes,