Saturday, April 11, 2009

CC On Cruise Control, Yanks Win 3rd Straight

It's been a pretty hectic day here. The wife and I decided to try and buy a new house. Baby #2 will be here by the end of the month and we've kind of outgrown our little starter home. It kind of all started pretty suddenly (yesterday afternoon) and next thing I know I'm writing a deposit check. So I spent most of the day dealing with that. In preparation to sell our dilapidated POS, my buddy Jeff came over to help fix some minor things, and that took me away from most of the Yankee game. I had it on in the background and could most of it, but it didn't have my undivided attention. So this post will be on the short side.

Nicky Swish = awesome. I heard his triple. I saw his HR. I also saw his post game interview with Kim Jones. I love his energy and enthusiasm.

CC Sabathia = awesome. He did better than Alex and I predicted. I think he did better than anyone predicted. It was pretty much the exact opposite of his 1st start. I think we're going to see many more games like this from CC. He's worth every but of that contract.

Cody Ransom = not awesome. He's there more for his glove than his bat. Problem is his glove hasn't been that great. I'm telling you, the Yanks should package Melky and Nady and find a 3B. I really thought Cody would fill in admirably and was the best choice. Now? Not so much. I hope Alex comes back real soon.

Mark Teixeira = injured? What's that all about? I saw Swisher batting 3rd and I was like, huh? Apparently he has tendinitis. He can't comfortably swing from the right side of the plate, but can from the left. Interesting. Hope it doesn't materialize into anything serious.

Jorge Posada = What a welcome sight! He's been tearing the cover off the ball. If on;y we had that bat last year. Stay gold Pony Boy, err, I mean, stay healthy Jorge.

Joba makes his debut tomorrow. Should be a good one! Enjoy.

Peace, love and Pinstripes,



Beth said...

Hey J.....I was going through the link list at my site and came across yours and thought I'd give it a peek. Sorry for being a stranger, there's quite a few blogs I've lost touch with. Congrats on baby #2! I know you're excited, is Cooper going have a little brother or little sister and what names have you picked out? Hope all goes well with the Mrs. and the new little one and have a great Easter!


She-Fan said...

Congrats on the new house! You didn't miss much except a wasted start by Joba and a lousy bullpen job.