Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I Need My My9!!

update on 4/15/10- click here for a more up-to-date post

Ok, I'm sitting here in front of the TV looking for the Yankees/Rays game and I can't find it. According to my online FIOS channel guide, I have the channel that it's carried on. According to the guide on my TV, I don't have the Chaney. It's a local channel too so I have no reason not to have it. I am on hold with FIOS tech support and I'm hoping they someone can give me my Yankees! If they don't carry the channel I am going to be seriously ticked. I wouldn't get to see any of the games on My9.

Cross your fingers that they come through. 1-0 Yanks in bottom of 2nd. Wish I could see it.



Anonymous said...

You missed a great game pitched by AJ. He was terrific, until he lost a little with the first hit he gave up in the seventh. Then the second and third. But terrific none the less.