Friday, April 3, 2009

A Lot Can Happen With Nine More Outs

I'm not sure if anyone of you have heard of Nine More Outs. They are a group of 3 friends from NYC (Mike, Scott, and Dave) that have embarked on what they are calling their "Stadium Schamdium" tour. Their concept is to visit every Major League stadium, posing as the team's biggest fans, record the action, and turn it into a short movie.

The tour kicked off last August in Toronto when the trio posed as Jays fans for a game against the Red Sox. The video clocks in at about 6 and a half minutes and it's hilarious. It starts outside the stadium where they do "man on the street" type of interviews, asking questions such as "Should Candy Maldonado be in the Hall of Fame?" and "Should the Jays have held on to Babe Ruth?" LOL. The action then moves inside the park where they attempt to get signatures on a petition to move the Jays to the NL West, so they can better their chances at making the playoffs. That cracked me up. The sad thing is that moving to the NL West is probably the only way the Jays make the playoffs. The video ends with some reviews that I can only call, "odd." But it's a good odd. They review "mustard" (consumed straight from the bottle), "stadium entertainment" (a street drummer), and my personal favorite, the "vendor's capacity to express love." You'll just have to watch. It's funny. I promise.

Or here's the link:

A Game of Centimeters: Blue Jays Baseball at the Rogers Center.