Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A Drunken Joba

When I logged out of my hotmail account today, I was redirected to I scrolled won the page and a headline caught my eye: Report: Yankee dissed Yogi in DUI video. What?

Haven't seen it yet, but apparently there's a video of Joba Chamberlain's DUI arrest. In the video, Joba reportedly "disses" Yogi Berra, saying, "He might not be as tall as the front of your car." He also reportedly takes a shot at New York drivers, saying, "The biggest thing that I've noticed driving here and there is if you let somebody in they open the window and say 'Thank you. In New York, they might hit you. Yeah, it's a joke."

Now again, I haven't see the video myself. According to the article, it was uncovered by The Smoking Gun. I can't get to their site at work so I'm not sure if it's on their site, or if it's just a rehash of what they reportedly saw, or were told is, on the video. Until I see it for myself and see the context his comments were made in, I can't really comment on it. At face value, nothing in the report bothers me. NY drivers aren't known to be the friendliest drivers out there. The comment Joba reportedly made about them not saying thanks for letting them in is shared by a large number of people. And as for Yogi, I doubt Joba was "dissing" him. I have to think that Joba didn't say that out of the blue and it was something that somehow came up in conversation. Yogi didn't seem to mind. According to the article, Dave Kaplan, a spokesperson for Yogi, told Newsday, "He just totally laughed it off. He said it was all in fun. There was no offense taken whatsoever."

If anyone has seen the video, or has been to The Smoking Gun to check it out, let me know. My initial thought is that this is just the media attempting to make a story out of nothing. I doubt this will have any effect on Joba or the team whatsoever.

Peace, love and Pinstripes,



She-Fan said...

I've seen it and it's nothing. Just Joba sounding drunk and stupid. Like we don't already know New Yorkers can be rude? So what. The part that made me cringe was how the cop arresting him was totally sucking up, like a celebrity stalker.