Friday, April 3, 2009

Ladies And Gentlemen, Welcome To Yankee Stadium

I'm sitting down to watch the "opener." This kind of reminds me of a "soft open" that stores or casinos do before the official grand opening. A little way to make sure the kinks are worked out. At first, I wasn't thrilled when they announced an exhibition game at the new digs, but I've warmed up to the idea. It's really getting me excited for Opening Day. Seeing the boys in the classic Pinstripes is going to be a welcomed sight. I'm most curious to see how the ballpark plays. One game isn't going to be a good sample, but it's something.

  • The new ballpark looks absolutely beautiful. It looks pretty much like the old Yankee Stadium, but upgraded. I am absolutely jealous of everyone there tonight and everyone who will be there before I get to go. I wish I knew when that was. I can't wait.
  • That jumbotron is bigger than my house. No joke. They announced the dimensions of it and it's bigger. Wow. Unreal.
  • The field looks awesome considering it poured there most of the day.
  • Wang delivers and the first pitch is a strike. Good start!
  • Aaron Miles gets the first hit in the new ballpark. Too bad it's not official.
  • Yanks down 1-0. Not the best start.
  • I am really going to like the Jeter-Damon flip-flop at the top of the order. I foresee a lot of Jeter doubles and Damon moving him over.
  • Yanks now down 3-0. Wang not looking great, but isn't looking bad either. The infield looks fast.
  • Robbie Cano! Don't you know? Boom-shock-a-locka. Yanks down 3-2. How great would it be for Cano if he doesn't start out in a funk like he normally does? I want to see him hot right out of the gate.
  • Matsui going yard puts the Yanks ahead 4-3. The lefties hitting the lefty. Good sign.
  • In your face Alex Rodriguez. Cody Ransom off the foul pole! The ball is flying out of the yard tonight. Could we have a hitter's park on our hands?
  • Wang is done. 5 innings, 6 hits, 4 runs. I thought he looked good. He wasn't great. he wasn't bad. A lot of the hits he gave up were grounders. It's hard to get a read on that infield.
  • 6th inning and it's bring out the scrubs. The legendary Mariano Rivera is on to pitch. 3 up, 3 down. He's the man. I'll be posting my 2009 predictions on Sunday afternoon. Here's a little preview: Mo is winning the Cy Young. You heard it here first.
  • Am I the only one not missing Giuseppe Franco?? I don't recall seeing him at all last season. Despite that, I can still remember the entire commercial.
  • Ooh, Bernie Williams is doing Center Stage. For those interested in buying his new CD, click here for my review.
  • I can hear YMCA playing in the background. It's time for a new tradition, don't you think?
  • Man I wish I lived in NYC. That park is gorgeous.
  • I can't really get in to watching scrubs play. If I wanted to watch scrubs, well, I'd watch Scrubs. What do Dr. Cox and I have in common? We both hate Hugh Jackman. Enough with the Wolverine previews already.
  • Ladies and gents, Dr. Ronan Tynan. You know real baseball is upon us when Ronan Tynan is in the house.
  • I wonder if the guy sitting next to Paul Simon is named Julio?
  • I just threw up in my mouth a little. There was a camera shot of a guy sitting front row behind the Yankee dugout and he was sporting a Joe DiMaggio jersey. I can dig that, but it said DiMaggio on the back. If you've got the money to sit front row behind the Yankee dugout for the first ever game in the new Yankee Stadium, you shouldn't be wearing a Yankee jersey with the name on the back. Ban him for life. Seriously. I firmly believe no one should ever wear a Yankee jersey with the name on the back except for little kids. Especially if the jersey is for someone of DiMaggio's stature. Go buy one of the blue t-shirts with the name and number on the back. Those I have no problem with. Sorry for ranting but that was just bad form.

Yeah, that douche wearing the DiMaggio jersey has pretty much killed the rest of this game for me. It's currently 7-4 Yankees after 7. I'm calling it a night for the blogging, save for something bug happening. I really should turn-in. Ever since I turned 35 last October I've been breaking down. I got diagnosed with diverticulitis back in November/December. Today, I got diagnosed with achilles tendonosis in my left foot/ankle. Thankfully, I caught it early. On top of that, I have a pretty bad head cold/sinus problem that I've been battling all week. My right temple is throbbing. I got that gift from my son.

Before I go, a final thought: Tonight's game has me really excited for Opening Day. According to the countdown clock at Pete Abe's blog, we're 2 days, 18 hours, and 30 minutes away from 1st pitch!! All I can say is rain rain stay away.

Peace, love and Pinstripes,



dino said...

i got foot problems, that stem from breaking two bones when playing ball in college, its been like 5 years since and i still have serious issues.....sorry to hear about your foot.....after a round of golf my foot kills and i can barely walk, it for the jersey, when ur in debt up to your eyeballs the difference in price between a jersey with a name and without makes a big difference....thats me, in debt.....guy sitting in front row with joe-d jerz not so guys=jerzey w/ no name.....broke college kid=jerzey w/ settled down after the first few frames and looked ok....i second your motion on cano's start... i also turned the game off after mo pitched......lets get the regular season started more thing, i grew up in miami and i know a lot of people dont like burnett, but i always liked him, i know his injury history and stuff, but the only time i ever watched marlins games was when burnett pitched, he has got electric stuff, he seems to like the big stage and i expect real good things for him, i have watched him pitch for so long, that i know so long as his ass stays on the field, hell dominate. one bad thing about the stadium is the YES camera shots of flyballs is through a net.....that sux....clearly ive begun to ramble, but anything to avoid going back to reading about legal issues in formation of corporate partnerships & entities. ewww

She-Fan said...

Sorry about your health problems. As for the jerseys, I have one with Rivera on the back. Does that mean I'm a douchebag? Please no!

J-Boogie said...

I definitely understand the cost factor in buying authentic vs replica jerseys, but don't they make replicas without names on the back? I guess I'm just a traditionalist. It's like with the hats. Ther's only 1 Yankee hat i can get down with and it's navy blue with the interlocking NY, or even one of the throwbacks. They shouldn't even make them in other colors, but that's just my 2 cents.

And Dino, I hope Burnett is the man this year. I have a fantasy draft tonight and he's pretty high on my list. I'm expecting big things,