Saturday, September 11, 2010

Somebody Call Mark Grace, Derek Jeter Needs A Slump Buster

This pains me to say as a Yankee fan but it's the truth. Derek Jeter sucks right now. It's very difficult to watch. He's by far having the worst offensive campaign of his career. By far. Last night's 1-7 performance was just another in a long line of games where DJ has struggled. In his last 15 games, Jeter's average has dropped 17 percentage points, from .277 to .260. In those 15 games he's 8-65 (.123). Horrendous.

I was hoping that he'd come through with a "Captain Clutch" moment in extra innings of last night's game. He had his chance to knock in what could have been the winning run but instead he grounded weakly to 1st. That's pretty much been how it's going for DJ. Dude needs a "Mark Grace style" slump buster. If you don't know what that is, google it. You'll be sure to find something and it'll make you smile.

I don't think this is the beginning of a sharp decline in Derek's skills at the plate. I don't think you go from being where he was to where he is in the span of a season. I'd expect a gradual decline but nothing like this.

The thing that's the most unbelievable is that the Yankees are 9-6 in their last 15 games. DJ may suck but at least the team is winning. I guess that's all that matters. I'm sure Derek would agree.

Peace, love and Pinstripes,