Sunday, September 26, 2010

Yankees Win A Tense One, Time To Exhale & Breathe A Little Easier

G effing D. Tonight's Yankees/Red Sox game is absolutely killing me. 2 outs away from picking up the W and Mo blows the save. WTF? Then the Yankees get to Papelbon and have 2 shots at knocking in the game winner but nope. Freaking Jorge. Talk about a horrible inning. 4 SBs and a whiff. Horrible. Aargh.

The game is currently in the 10th inning and I can't bear myself to watch it. I've been a nervous nelly these last few days. I'm starting to get that sinking feeling that the Yankees are royally screwed. I know they're still in really good shape but they're not playing well at all. They still have a pretty good-sized lead but with the way they're playing and 3 more games with Boston, 'll admit it, I don't feel good about it. Hopefully this post ends on a happy note.

Phil Hughes looked great tonight. Yankees made the right move by starting him tonight.

A-Rod is becoming extremely hot. I can't believe he's on the cusp of hitting 30 HRs. I didn't think he had a shot but he's been on a tear. I was jumping around the house when he went deep. Thought I woke up my kids but thankfully, I didn't.

My pre-season prediction for the AL MVP was Robinson Cano. I still stand by that prediction. Robbie is the man.

I'm not liking how Mariano has pitched recently. I hope he gets it out of his system if they make it to the postseason. My fantasy team is in the championship of a $ league. I have both Papelbon and Rivera. Tonight was not a good night.

I'm not enjoying what I'm seeing from Jorge Posada. That 9th inning was brutal.

The Yankees currently have the bases loaded with no outs in the 10th. C'mon fellas. Take care of this. I've been typing this blog in the kitchen and am within earshot of the TV. I've been running in whenever I hear Miller start to call a play. The Yankees have been doing better this game when I've been in the other room. Being the superstitious cat that I am, I'm staying put and sticking with what's working.

Force out at home. Freaking A. Here we go again. C'mon Juan Miranda. You like pie, right?

YES HE DOES! Okajima with the bases loaded walk! Yankees win. Thuhh Yankees win.

Man, that was an extremely tense game. I can finally breathe easier. The win means the Yankees at worst clinch a tie for the wild card. The only way that happens is if they finish 0-6 and Boston finishes 7-0. I'm not going to comment on that. This hasn't been the best month for the Yankees and I'm not going to make another potential foot-in-mouth comment until it's done.

One week to go. The Yanks are a 1/2 game back of Tampa for the division and have clinched a tie for the wild-card. This should be a great week. Lucky for me the next 3 are in Toronto. It's about an hour-and-a-half away and I'm going. I'm really hoping to see them clinch the WC and I'm hoping it's tomorrow. That would be awesome. Leaving early to do some autograph hunting. Off to bed. My mind is racing though. That game was crazy.

Peace, love and Pinstripes,



Anonymous said...

The bases were not stolen off Posada. A lot of the blame rests on Mo. He is not good at holding runners on and limiting their ability to steal by reducing leg kick.