Sunday, September 12, 2010

What In Mo's Name Just Happened?

As soon as the rain delay hit yesterday's game I knew I wasn't staying up for the end. No way with my kids waking up at 6am every day I could pull off back-to-back 1am endings. Before I finally packed it in I took one last glance at the score on my phone. Yanks were down 4-2. I checked who was pitching and was really surprised to see it was Chad Gaudin. The last pitcher that I expect to see, or want to see for that matter, pitching in the 5th inning of a close game is Chad Gaudin. You're just asking to lose. Lucky for me since I was dog-tired I didn't stew on it for long because I fell asleep within seconds of turning off the phone. I love it when that happens.

My wife woke up at some point during the night, 3am if I had to guess, to feed our littlest one. When she gets up it wakes me up, albeit for only a minute or so. I used that minute to, you guessed it, check the score. Texas 7 Yankees 6. Aw come on now. Losing pitcher = Mariano Rivera. Blown save = Mariano Rivera. Well that can't be right? Maybe I'm overtired and my eyes aren't working right. So I squinted and sure enough, the almighty Mo got sacked with the L. Ugh. It goes without saying, but I guess I'll say it anyway, I didn't sleep that well from that point forward. I would wake up occasionally thinking about the game.

So now I'm up for the day and I'm ignoring my 2 boys to check over the PBP and to blog. Yeah, I'm a good Dad, right? I did get them a babysittter. He goes by the name of Handy Manny. He's good with kids. Anyway, what makes this Yankees loss more unbelievable is the play-by-play. A leadoff walk to Vlad Guerrero. He swings at everything. How do you walk him? A single on a "soft fly ball." Mo's pitching so I'm assuming it was a "bloop," as John Sterling affectionately calls it. Game-tying double. Intentional walk to load the bases. Infield pop out. And then of all things, the game ends on a HBP. What in Mo's name happened to Mo last night? Has he ever been that erratic? Was it a byproduct of pitching 2 innings the night before? Since I didn't see it I'm not sure how it came off live. It doesn't sound all that great when you read a rundown of it. I can't imagine how it looked live.

Not the best way to start the day. I'll admit it. I'm becoming very concerned about the Yankees right now. Nothing major. I'm just starting to see big holes forming. Still time though for crews to fill them in before any real damage is done. On most days, I'd get into it a little more but the kids are starting to getting restless. Handy Manny is over and they're looking to eat breakfast. I suppose I should feed them. Sounds like something I should do.

Peace, love and Pinstripes,