Friday, December 5, 2008

Cash Is A Busy Boy

As it turns out, Brian Cashman didn't fly out to California to meet with the devil, err, I mean Scott Boras. Cash took a trip to Washington, DC where he met with Boras as well as Mark Teixeira. According to Tyler Kepner of the NY Times, the meeting with Teixeira came at the request of Scott Boras. So Boras requested Cashman meet with Teixeira? That's a little odd don't you think?

There are only 2 reasons I can think of why Boras would want this meeting to take place.

  1. Mark Teixeira wants to play for the Yankees
  2. Scott Boras wants the Yankees involved for Teixeira's services so he can maximize the dollars he receives

Scott Boras is a pretty shrewd guy. As much as I want to believe that Teixeira wants to play for the Yanks, I think scenario #2 is much more likely and was the primary motivation for the sit down request. Fingers are crossed though that #1 is it. Teixeira would be a huge addition to the Yankees lineup. I know the primary focus this offseason is pitching, as it should be, but landing Teixeira would be huge for the Yankees. If the Yankees fail to land the big free agent pitchers, I can't see how they won't make a big push for Teixeira.

When I heard yesterday that Cashman was meeting with Boras, I immediately thought that there was more to the meeting than talking about Derek Lowe. I couldn't see Cash flying across the country for a meeting to discuss just Lowe. To me that wouldn't be worth the trip. You know there was more on the agenda and it looks like Texieira was a primary point of discussion. Cashman must have a few more pots boiling on the hot stove. I like it.

Cash's next focus is a sit-down with the CC, which is rumored to be happening sometime this weekend. Hopefully, the Yanks get their answer from him be it good or bad. CC is obviously Yankee target numero uno. They need to know what the big guy's intentions are and they need to know soon. I think it's a wise move to try and meet with CC, especially before the winter meetings. A decision from CC would certainly help the Yankees set a game plan for the winter meetings. Cashman can't go into Vegas without having a plan. If CC leaves the team in limbo, Cash isn't going to be able to effectively execute his plan, whatever it may be. We very well could know what's going to happen by Sunday night. God, I hope we do. If CC is still non-committal, which is likely if he's waiting on the west coast teams to join the party, I think the Yanks need to withdraw the offer and move on. I want CC as much as everybody else, but in the long run his indecision is going to do the Yanks more harm than good. Even though Vegas is in the desert, ships are going to be sailing out of that port next week. I'll be pretty ticked if the Yankees miss out because they're waiting on Sabathia.

What happens in Vegas isn't going to stay in Vegas.

Peace, love and Pinstripes,



She-Fan said...

I agree that we need an answer on CC by the end of the meetings so we can move on. Theoretically, Cashman does have a plan and a budget, so if CC really wants to leave our $$ on the table and play for the Brewers or some west coast team that has yet to make him an offer, fine. We'll sign or trade for other pitchers. That said (and I hate to keep repeating myself), we need a first baseman who can hit AND catch the ball - i.e. Tex.