Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Monday Meeting Wrap-Up

Day 1 of the winter meetings is now complete and we're really no closer to knowing anything about the state of the 2009 Yankees. The only interesting tidbits that came out last night were that CC Sabathia requested a 2nd meeting with the Yankees brass, and that the Yankees are preparing to make Ben Sheets an offer.

I'm encouraged that CC asked for a 2nd meeting. It shows that he has genuine interest in playing for the Yanks. The meeting was reportedly to talk about the NY area and how it might fit in with his family plans. I take that as a good sign. CC obviously prefers to play on the west coast. I think he's coming to grips that the interest isn't there. Well, there's interest sure, but not at the terms I'm sure he's looking for. He supposedly said he wanted to play for the Dodgers. The Dodgers seem to be focused on upgrading their offense so it doesn't look like the $$ will be there. The Angels still seem to be heavily invested in Mark Teixeira and if they land that big whale they probably won't have the dough to get Sabathia. And I doubt the Giants have the money either. I think CC is realizing that the offer from the the Yankees may be to good to pass up.

It's also being reported by Mark Feinsand of the Daily News that the Yankees are preparing to make Ben Sheets an offer. the rumored proposal is a 2 year deal worth about $30 million. While I think $15 million is a lot for Ben Sheets, I'm a fan of the length of the contract. I would rather see the Yanks take on Sheets for 2 years than commit to AJ Burnett, or even Derek Lowe, for 4 or 5 years. The Yankees have some good arms waiting in the wings and it's not a bad idea to leave openings for them in the near future. Sheets is risky as, like Burnett, he hasn't exactly been the picture of health during his career. I think he's a better pitcher than Burnett and if he can stay healthy, he's definitely a top of the rotation kind of guy. And of course, it's now being reported, by Joel Sherman of the NY Post, that the Yankees haven't decided on whether or not to offer Sheets a deal. Expect a lot more of this throughout the winter meetings. There always seems to be someone that contradicts somebody else. In this case, I'm believing Mark Feinsand, but we'll see.

The winter meetings are fun, aren't they?

Peace, love and Pinstripes,



She-Fan said...

I know Cashman and Girardi, etc. said the meetings with CC have gone "great." But if he really went up to Ned Colletti and said, "I want to be a Dodger," we need to let this guy go already.