Thursday, December 11, 2008

Quick Teixeira Update

Jon Heyman at posted an article that says the Yankees are still in the mix for Mark Teixeira. Heyman mentions exactly what I was thinking, don't just let him go to the Red Sox. The Yankees have the money to spend on Teixeira. The Yankees shed about $88 million from their payroll last year. Sabathia looks to be in for $23 million. If they land Burnett at the reported $85 million, that's 17 million per year. If they sign Burnett, I don't see them signing Lowe, but if they happen to, that's probably at $16-17 million per year. 23+17+17=57. The money for Teixeira is definitely there. I think ti would be a wise move to target Teixeira over a 3rd pitcher.

I hope Heyman is on to something. If you ask me, it would be a wise move. Especially since it would keep him away from the Red Sox.