Thursday, December 11, 2008

Melky/Cameron Talks Breaking Down??

According to Joel Sherman of the NY Post, the deal between the Brewers and Yankees is "in trouble." The sticking point comes down to Mike Cameron's $10 million salary. The Yanks wants the Brewers to eat a portion of what Cameron is owed. The Brewers, obviously, don't want to give the Yanks a dime. Per the article, the chances of something happening are "remote."

I'm fine with the deal even if the Yankees eat the contract. But, if a deal happens to go down and the Yankees do in fact eat the contract, don't you think it would make more sense for the Yankees to hold onto Cabrera, forget about Cameron, and use the $10 million on Mark Teixeira? If you're going to commit $10 mill to Mike Cameron, why wouldn't you just pony up another $10 mill or so and land the best bat in the free agent pool. What makes more sense? A lineup with Cameron and Nick Swisher, or Mark Teixeira and Nick Swisher/Melky for an extra $10-15 million? For an extra $10-15 million, I'm going after Tex. If they're truly in the mix for Teixeira, it makes more sense to me to hold onto Melky and use the Cameron money on Teixeira.

Might as well, right?



She-Fan said...

We don't need Cameron! He's old and he strikes out a lot and he does banned substances. We need Teixeira!