Monday, December 15, 2008

The Hot Stove At The Moment Is Cool

Kind of a slow news day out there in the Yankees Universe. I was expecting to hear some news but all was pretty much quiet. No real developments in the Mike Cameron for Melky Cabrera Yankees/Brewers trade. There were minor rumblings about it but it's pretty much just a rehash of what we knew already. The 2 sides are still apparently haggling over money.

I also thought that we'd hear something today with respect to Andy Pettitte. Cashman met with him last week and I'm a little surprised that there hasn't been any mention about the meeting and how it went. A rumor surfaced today courtesy of Jon Heyman at that AP has a 3-year/36 million dollar offer on the table from an unnamed team. I'm not sure I buy that. Anyone that watched Andy Pettitte pitch last year knows he's on the down side of his career and isn't worth a multi-year deal. I don't think that anyone sees AP as a pitcher deserving of $12 million dollars. Quite frankly, I think the Yankees are a little nuts for offering him $10 million, but Pettitte is a beloved Yankee and I can see the organization giving him a little more than he's worth. Andy has said that he only wants to pitch for the Yankees. He's also said that he wants to take the rest of his career on a year-by-year basis. So why is he even considering the 3 year deal, if there even is one? Personally, I think there is no 3 year deal and it's a ploy by Pettitte's agent to get the Yankees to up their offer. I don't really think that's going to happen. I'm inclined to think that Cashman told Pettitte what's what when the two met last week, which is here's $10 million, take it or leave it. The ball has to be in Andy's court right now. Considering he hasn't accepted yet, I'm guessing he's holding out expecting the team to give him more. Do the Yankees throw him a bone and bump the offer up $2 mill? I hope not. I really hope something develops with AP soon. If he does end up having another offer on the table, I don't see him taking it. I've always thought of Andy as having a little more integrity than most, even with the whole HGH thing hanging over his head. If he says he only wants to pitch for the Yankees, than I expect him to end up pitching for the Yankees if he doesn't retire. If he goes anywhere else, he's kind of selling out and his place in Yankees' lore is going to take a hit. At least for me it will.

The more I think about the Yankees rotation, the more I think they should abandon trying to land a 5th starter via free agency. Right now they need a big bat. Someone capable of giving A-Rod a little protection in the lineup. A guy like, I dunno, Mark Teixeira? If I were running the good ship Yankee, I take the $10 million I'm offering Pettitte and the $10 million I'm likely going to end up paying for Mike Cameron, and use it to sign Teixeira. $20 million puts you in Tex's ballpark. I'd much rather see them go into 2009 with a 5th starter of Phil Hughes, Alfredo Aceves, and/or Ian Kennedy. Maybe even a cheaper free agent, like a Braden Looper. I'd much rather see a lineup that features Nick Swisher in CF and Mark Teixeira than Mike Cameron in CF and Nick Swisher at 1B. Makes sense, no?

I'm curious to know what others think. Do the Yankees need a big bat or another SP? Is Andy a sell-out if he plays for another team? Do they really need Mike Cameron? Feel free to share your thoughts.

Peace, love and Pinstripes,



Alex said...

I think the Yankees having 4 starters with 'Ace' quality stuff already (Joba, CC, AJ, Wang) gives them the option to finally make a run for Teixeira.

But if the Sox actually offered that 8 year 200MM offer, forget it.

I hope Andy comes to his senses and realizes that some of the best pitchers in baseball arent even going to make 10 million dollars in 09.

She-Fan said...

I think we definitely need a bat in the lineup to protect A-Rod. We're losing Abreu. We don't know what Matsui/Posada will give us offensively. Cameron isn't the answer, since he'd be at the bottom of the lineup with Swisher and they both strike out a lot. We need TEX.