Friday, January 30, 2009

Joe Torre On Larry King

Just got done watching Joe Torre's interview on Larry King Live and all I have to say is man, Larry King looks a lot like a gargoyle. He's one creepy dude. As for the interview itself, I didn't get much out of it. I thought Joe did his best to answer the questions he was being asked without even answering them, specifically about breaking the clubhouse code. It also seemed like every question Larry asked was met with a somewhat contradicting response. Basically, not much came from the interview. Torre's main point was that we have to read the book to fully understand it and to get what he's trying to say. His goal in writing the book was to talk about his years with the Yankees, both the good and the bad. I can appreciate that and am still reserving judgement for when I actually read the book. I don't think this interview did anything to help Torre. If anything it hurt him a little bit but that's more the fault of CNN for not hammering him with tougher questions about people's perception of what's in the book. But that's Larry King for you. He may look like the thing from Tales From The Crypt, but he's far from scary.

Peace, love and Pinstripes,



Raven King said...

Now I'm really dying to read this book.

She-Fan said...

I couldn't believe some of the questions from "fans." Like the one from some guy who asked if Joe would ever consider running for President of the United States.

SugarKing said...

larry king wasted our time.

who cares about the questions from fans in these NY & LA bar/restaurants???

larry, be a f***ing journalist and ask probing questions!! it was such a wishy-washy bland waste. larry king nees to retire.
mad dog has torre this wednesday afternoon, hopefully that will be better.

Rob Abruzzese said...

That's what Torre was always good at, answering questions in a way where you think you've got the answer, but all you've been given is a pile of BS.

J-Boogie said...

Raven - I've already got plans to pick it up Tuesday. It's a must reads.

Jane - The questions from fans were definitely brutal and added nothing to the interview. You just know the producers of the show went up to people and asked them to ask a pre-written question. It definitely wasn't the voice of the true fan.

Sugar - You knew the interview would end up being a puff piece. King is horrible and he seems to be there more to serve the guest and their interests rather than the viewers. I can't see Mad Dog letting him off easy. shoudl be a good interview.

Rob- That's what all good managers, in any industry, do. They answer your ? without really answering it. A real interviewer would have seen throught hat and not let him off so easy.

Joe said...

I missed it!