Saturday, January 24, 2009

On The Road Again

Greetings from the road everyone. This post comes courtesy of my friend Dan's Blackberry, so forgive me if it's all whacked out.

Right now we're in a car travelling south to Williamsport, PA, headed to Mike Mussina's annual fan club dinner. Every year Moose invites his fan club members to his hometown for dinner, a Q&A, and an autograph session. Last year was my first time attending and it was a blast. I've been waiting all winter for today and am excited it's finally here! I'll be back tomorrow with a full recap so check back if you're interested.

Blogging on a Blackberry is tough. For some reason it's hurting my shoulders? Weird.

Peace, love and Pinstripes,



She-Fan said...

Very exciting. Can't wait to hear about Moose! Tell him we all miss him.