Sunday, January 25, 2009

Pics Of Mussina Dinner Swag

Here are some pictures of the things I picked up on Saturday at Mike Mussina's fan club dinner. To read a recap of the dinner, check out my previous entry.
A 2009 magnet schedule
A Nike water bottle, napsack, and some sports bands

The table's centerpiece, a piggy bank full of candy

The bank's booty

The logo on the fleece pullover given to all fan club members

2 signed baseballs

The new gem of my collection, can't wait to have him add his induction year

The thank you note attached to the centerpiece.

No Mike. Thank you. It was truly a pleasure watching you pitch and I look forward to seeing you in Cooperstown.



Alex H said...

Ofcourse Moose gave out a bank of candy... he was one of the many who had some great dissatisfaction when Joe Girardi took out the icecream machine.

It looks like you had a great time, i wish this wasn't the last get together, or i would have gone next year.