Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Little Bits & Pieces OF Yankee News & Notes

There are a few minor stories that broke today:

  • Andy Pettitte has apparently rejected the Yankees offer of $10 million. I understand trying to maximize your worth, but come on Andy, wake up and smell the roses. You're not worth $10 mill. The Yanks have the options to move on without you. If you really want to pitch here, accept the deal, sign the contract, and come back to the fold. If you're the Yankees, do you bump the offer up another million or two? I don't. It should be perfectly clear to Andy that $10 million is the offer, take it or leave it. They don't need necessarily need him. Sure, it doesn't hurt to have another veteran arm on the team, but if he wants to walk, let him. I hope the Yankees don't cave.
  • The Yankees DFA'd Shelley Duncan today. Oh well. There really wasn't any room for him anyway. Good luck Shelley. I'll miss your youthful exuberance.
  • According to Pete Abraham, via Sam Borden, the Yankees told 26 year old lefty, Phil Coke, to prepare to work as a starter during spring training. Don't read too much into that. It's more of an insurance policy than anything else. It's easier to prepare to be a starter and end up relieving than the other way around. This was the plan a few years back for Scott Proctor. If anything, it gives the Yanks another option for the 5th spot in the rotation. You can't go wrong with that.
  • Also according to Pete Abraham, again via Sam Borden, the Yankees signed RHP Jason Johnson to a minor-league deal. He's a bum with a career W-L record of 56-100 and a career ERA of 4.99. It might as well have been Sidney Ponson and Lord knows, we don't really need another Sir Sidney floating around. But again, Johnson is another option. The competition might be good for the other youngsters up for that 5th spot.
  • A couple of ex-Yanks found, or are close to finding, new homes today. The Giambino is all but back in Oakland. Giambi is about to ink a deal worth $4 million per year, far shy of the $23.5 mill he banked last season. That's quite the pay cut. I applaud Jason for realizing what he's worth and not trying to break the bank again. Jason has always been a stand-up guy. Kudos to him. And then there's Carl Pavano. He signed with Cleveland for a reported $1.5 million. As bad as he was for the Yankees, that's a steal if you ask me. A lot of the higher-paid starters get paid more than a million bucks per win. I'd have to think Carl can pull out two wins. It's a nice low-risk, high reward signing. Best of luck to the both of them though I hope Pavano falls flat on his face.

Peace, love and Pinstripes,



She-Fan said...

I'll miss Giambi. I know he didn't distinguish himself during his 7 years in the Bronx, but I liked his 'tude. Hope he does well back in Oakland.

Raúl said...

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Alex said...

I also loved having Giambi on the Yankees... even though i did boo him when he hit rock bottom a few years back... he always seemed like an awesome guy...

my only problem with him was it seemed like he always wore the same Harley davidson shirt/hat. I don't know if anyone knows the one i'm talking about.

J-Boogie said...

I'll miss him also. He was always a great guy whenever I encountered him in toronto when I went up for games.

And Raul, I don't speak Spanish but looked up what you wrote on an online translator. For those wondering, it says "my blog is interesting. he'll visit often and to visit his and leave comments if it please."

Thanks Raul. i'll try to check it out.