Thursday, April 15, 2010

My9 Means Some 2010 Yankees Baseball In Buffalo

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Here's an update on the My9 situation here in Buffalo. The situation being that the My9 games aren't carried on Buffalo TV. Well, some of you may be in luck. Here's where you may be able to find the games: Time Warner - check the local sports station (ch. 13). If it's not on there, check the other public access channels Direct TV- My buddy sent me a text and let me know he found a My9 game being broadcast on an Alternate YES channel. Check channel 633-1. (Hat tip to Koob) Verizon FIOS - no idea where to find the game. Want to know because this is what I have. (scroll down) Dish Network - does anyone even have Dish Network anymore? I have no clue. (scroll down) Hope that helps those of you looking for where to find the game. If anybody finds it on FIOS, drop me a line. I'll forever be in your debt. **Thanks to Mike D, the game can be seen online. He's not sure if this will work for all games, but it does tonight. He says it's rare to find baseball on this site, so don't get used to it. Here's the link, and beware of the popups (adult dating sites). J-Boogie


Anonymous said...

As it appears FiOS does not pick up the My9 games, the best option looks like subscribing the the "Yankees on YES" package to watch them online. For the rest of the season, the package is $19.95 and includes the rest of the regular seasonm, not just the My9 games. There are four My9 games left on the schedule so for $20, it seems worth it, especially as three of the four games left are against Tampa and Boston!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, the linke to the Yankees on YES pacakge is:

Anonymous said...

On second thought, this pacakge only offers the games that are on YES, hence the name! Sorry!