Thursday, July 9, 2009

Burnett Pitches Yanks To 4-3 Win Over The Twins

I've got to keep this blog really short as I'm on a quick break and my normal blogging time, lunch, is being overtaken by a 5 hour meeting. Sadly, that means I'm going to miss all of today's game. I probably won't even get to follow it online either. Color me bummed.

All I've got time to say about yesterday is Burnett was good, not great. I'm not really sure how he pulled off only giving up 2 runs. He battled and got the job done. The most surprising stat to me is that he only whiffed 2 guys. I can see that being a reason for getting out of trouble but since he didn't K that many, his outing impresses me more.

Despite Phil Coke giving up a bomb to Mauer, you have to be impressed with the bullpen. Hughes was again awesome. Mo was Mo. The bullpen is no longer an area of major concern. The issues have seemed to work themselves out. It didn't hurt either that they dumped Jose Veras and Edwar Ramirez. Hughes has adapted very well to the setup role. His stock is definitely rising. Before my softball game last night (we lost 5-4), a bunch of us were talking about the Yankees and Roy Halladay. The consensus was that if the Yanks were to do something and it came down to dealing Joba or Phil, they'd prefer to see Joba go. Joba is definitely falling out of favor with many Yankee fans. That's not to say Joba's still not liked. He is. He's just not as well-liked as he once was. If you think I'm wrong, let me know.

Decent day offensively. 10 hits and 3-10 with RISP. Cano hit with RISP but his hit didn't drive in the run. But at least he picked up a hit. That's 2 in two games. Derek Jeter is absolutely murdering lefties: 36-for-81 (.444). His OBP is .521 and his SLG percentage is .654. That's kicking some ass.

Day game today. Alfredo Aceves makes his season debut as a SP. I think he's got about 65-75 pitches in him and that hopefully carries him through 5-6 innings. It could be an interesting game depending on how Girardi uses the pen. Sadly, I likely won't know until after the game is over. Enjoy it.

Peace, love and Pinstripes,