Friday, July 31, 2009

Step Away From The Ledge

I've been reading all of the comments over at Pete Abe's blog and there are a lot of wacky Yankee fans out there. A lot are complaining because Cashman hasn't made any huge deals. As nice as it would be to see the Yanks land a big fish, they don't need to. Last time I checked, the Yanks have the best record in the American League. Teams are chasing us. Sure there is room for improvement but upgrading the team isn't a necessity.

The Red Sox are being very active at the deadline and quite honestly, none of their deals make them a vastly improved team. They're not making any significant gains. It's also apparent, if you believe the rumors, that when it comes to the Yankees, teams want the same guys regardless of who they're getting back. The Mariners reportedly wanted Hughes, Joba, or Jesus Montero for Jarrod Washburn. The M's settled for Luke French and a minor leaguer. Cash would have been foolish to make that deal.

I'm glad Cash isn't bending over and taking it in the rear. Trades work two ways. You've got to have 2 parties willing to play and agree on equal value. So far, from what I've seen/read, I'm glad the Yanks haven't done anything stupid. Not yet anyway. There is 2 minutes til the deadline so there's still time.

Peace, love and Pinstripes,