Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Cheers And Jeers As Yanks Win 6th Straight With Sweep Of Orioles

I followed the game online as best I could today. I had some "cheers and jeers" to post based on what I caught as well as the box score. If you have any to add, please do.

Cheers to A.J. Burnett. A.J. had what looked like a pretty decent outing. He had a decent strike-to-ball ratio (65% strikes and picked up his 9th win and lowered his ERA. Well done.

Cheers to Phil Hughes. You the man bro. I've always maintained Phil is and will always be better than Joba. I'm glad he's pitching relief in the bigs and not starting in the minors. The bridge to Mariano is secure.

Jeers to Brian Bruney. WTF? As I was watching the gamecast I was really impressed with his outing up until I see, "in play, run." I sent my buddy Tom a text message that read, "Brian Bruney sucks." Next batter I see, "in play, run." I sent my buddy Tom a follow-up message that read, "Brian Bruney really sucks." At this rate, Bru will be DFA's by the end of the month.

Cheers to Mariano Rivera. It was unfortunate that Mo had to come in and clean up Bruney's mess. I was not surprised at all when I saw that he promptly struck out Huff looking. Mo has yet again saved the Yankees bacon. Watch out Tevor Hoffman. He's coming for you.

Cheers to the Yankees offense for going 7-for-15 with RISP and scoring 6 runs. Jorge, Alex, and Robbie have multi-hit games. Me likey.

Jeers to Nick Swisher for making an error. I don't know what you did, but come on. That's 6 on the year.

Cheers to the Yanks for winning 6 in a row. I'd be really excited except they did the same thing last year and then floundered. It's a much better team this year so I don't see that happening again.

Cheers to me. Just because I said so.

Peace, love and Pinstripes,