Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Jobamania Is Running Wild As Yanks Sting Rays 6-2

I wanted to blog real quick about tonight's game and I'll expand it tomorrow. Joba was absolutely awesome tonight. He's been an entirely different guy since the All-star break. One could argue that tonight was his best outing of the season. My first inclination is to agree with that. He was lights out.

Brian Bruney sucks balls. He has to be on his way out and that's a shame because he's shown that he can do the job. He's been God-awful lately. You can't come in with a 6 run lead and make the manager have to go to the closer. He's brutal. I think his days are numbered.

The Red Sox dropped another one to the A's and the Yankee lead in the East is now at 3.5 games. Boston's recent swoon probably means that they're going to be making a big deal before Friday's deadline. They're almost being forced to pony up the goods for Roy Halladay. John Smoltz hasn't been good. Brad Penny isn't good. Tim Wakefield and Dice-K are on the DL. They're 4-8 since the ASB and are slipping in the standings. All signs are pointing to the Sox landing a big arm. I wouldn't be surprised one bit if they deal for Halladay. They're almost being forced to.

My plans are to blog tomorrow on my lunch break which is around noon EST. I'll expand on tonight's game and who knows, maybe a deal or two will happen before then. Enjoy your night.

Peace, love and Pinstripes,