Thursday, July 30, 2009

Manny & Ortiz Allegedly Tested Positive For PEDs In 2003

I was getting ready to blog about Joba Chamberlain's dominant performance last night when I got a text alert from ESPN. Per the NY Times, Manny Ramirez and David Ortiz each tested positive for PEDs back in 2003. I'm shocked. Well not really. Everyone always thought that Ortiz was on something. I can't wait to see how he spins this one considering that he felt anyone who got busted for using should be banned for an entire season. Enjoy your time off.

The Times article says, "The information about Ramirez and Ortiz emerged through interviews with multiple lawyers and others connected to the pending litigation. The lawyers spoke anonymously because the testing information is under seal by a court order. The lawyers did not identify which drugs were detected. "

This has to be a big blow to the Red Sox and their fans. It took 86 years for them to win a World Series and they only way they could do it was by juicing. Talk about having those championships tarnished. Sox fans cried foul over the Yankees ALCS win in 2003 because of Jason Giambi's PED use. Can't make those claims anymore. We Yankee fans might as well dust off the "1918" chant because the Sox now still haven't legitimately won a World Series since then.

It must really burn Red Sox Nation that they won't be able bust on A-Rod anymore without looking like complete and utter douchebags. Scratch that. Rewind. Let's try that again. It must really burn Red Sox Nation that they won't be able bust on A-Rod anymore without looking like bigger douchebags than they already are. Yeah, I like that better. Disclaimer: I don't think that all members of RSN are douchebags, but a good percentage are. I also think that the "Yankees Universe" has its share of those as well. And now back to our show.....

Two of the biggest components of the Red Sox 2 championship teams were busted as users. David Ortiz is arguably the most popular member of the Red Sox. I'm really interested to see how the Red Sox and their fans spin this one.

And the walls came a crumbling down.

Peace, love and Pinstripes,



Anonymous said...

Truer words were never spoken, my pin stripes friend, as I live in RSN and I plan to use part of your diatribe in future rebuttals

J-Boogie said...

Thanks. This is definitely something we Yankee fans should hammer them on.

Subway Squawkers said...

Best. Post. Ever.