Monday, October 26, 2009

Flying High

I'm still flying high after last night's Yankees clincher. Despite getting about 5 hours of sleep I'm feeling pretty good. I've got a little extra bounce in my step today. I haven't felt this way in I don't know, about 6 years. I'm really excited for the Series to kick off on Wednesday. The waiting is definitely the hardest part.

I'm also really excited because it's about a 99.9% certainty that I'm getting tickets to the World Series. I have one of those MLB credit cards and I decided to cash in the points, and it was a lot of points, for tickets. Unfortunately, the tickets are for game 7. I didn't have the availability to go to games 1 or 2. It was tough to decide between going to game 6 or game 7. If I went to game 6, I'd either be watching the Yankees win it all, win to force game 7, or lose the series to the Phillies. If it goes to game 7 I'm guaranteed to watch the Yankees play for it all. Also, if game 7 isn't played I get the points back. So if all goes "unwell" I'll be in the house for game 7. Believe you me, I want the Yankees to win it in 4 so I hope I don't have to make the trip.

I might hop back on later and post some kind of ALCS recap and/or World Series preview. I have to see how the day goes.

Peace, love and forever Pinstripes,



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Amy said...

I was rooting for the Angels, that's too bad they lost. Go Phillies!!

Anonymous said...
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