Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Yankee Stadium Here I Come

Got tickets for game 2 on Saturday! It'll be my first trip to the new ballpark so needless to say I am super psyched! My wonderful wife originally got me a ticket for game 5 of the ALDS for my birthday. That game was cancelled due to the Yankees sweep so I got to roll it into a ticket for the ALCS. Since the game is on a Saturday it meant the wife could come also. She's a big Yankees fan too!

I got the the tickets off StubHub so they cost me a pretty penny. The wife doesn't like to sit far away so that pretty much ruled out sitting in half the stadium. The seats are in section 323 which is part of the Jim Beam suite, whatever that is. The view looked pretty sweet when I checked it out on the 3-D seat viewer on

So anybody got any tips for me? Anything that's a must see? We'll be there plenty early so there will be time to check stuff out. Anybody know what the parking situation is like? Whenever I've gone before I would park in the garage that was pretty much a stones throw from the stadium. It was the garage right near "the Bat." I thought it was extremely convenient. That still there/open?

Is it Saturday yet?

Peace, love and Pinstripes,