Thursday, October 1, 2009

Yanks Finish Final Homestand With 4-3 Loss To Royals

Last night's loss to the Royals was not the perfect way to wrap up the last homestand of the regular season, but what can you do? It would have been rather fitting to win it on a walkoff. Maybe they would have had the regular lineup still been in place, but these games aren't about winning, it's about seeing what these youngsters can do. That's why if you're bothered by the loss, don't be. Not that anyone is bothered by it, but if you are, no reason to be. These final games don't really mean much, so you need to look at the big picture for every win/loss.

There is something I'm bothered by though and that's Joba Chamberlain. Just when you think he turned the corner, he craps the bed. He's been incredibly inconsistent and for my money, he's more often bad than good. That's my impression anyway. He had a few bad bounces go against him yesterday, but still allowing 7 hits and 4 walks on 91 pitches in only 3.2 innings is pretty bad no matter how you slice it. I really hope the Yankees decide to take the longer series in the ALDS so that they can avoid using Joba as a starter. If they take the short series, which I doubt they will, I hope they consider Chad Gaudin for the 4th spot. As I mentioned the other day, the Yanks are undefeated in games Gaudin has started. Besides that, he's hands down just a better pitcher right now. If Joba wants to play a role in the postseason, he needs to figure his act out. He's got the potential to be awesome. Part of me though is starting to think he's not cut out to be a starter. I still think he belongs in the rotation, but I'm starting to waver.

Not much else to say about the game. Today marks the final off day of the regular season and tomorrow they'll play the first of their final 3 games. The big thing I'm hoping to see this weekend is CC winning his 20th game and if Teixeira can finish as the leader in HRs and RBI. Outside of that, I'm not looking for much.

I may pop back on later today to post my thoughts about the potential postseason roster. I've been mulling that over but still have a few holes to fill in. So check back for that. Enjoy the off day.

Peace, love and Pinstripes,