Saturday, October 24, 2009

Yankees/Angels Game Postponed, Game 6 Is Now A Must Win For The Yanks

Tonight's game 6 is postponed because of the weather. This makes winning tomorrow extremely important for the Yankees. They can not afford to play a game 7 on Monday. If the have to play a game 7 on Monday, the staring rotation for the World Series would be shot, assuming of course they win game 7.

Games 1 and 2 of the World Series are scheduled for Wednesday and Thursday. If CC Sabathia pitches in a game 7 on Monday, you can pretty much rule out him pitching until game 3. I know CC is good on short rest but 2 days off (Tuesday and Wednesday) is way too short. CC would end up pitching game 3 on Saturday on regular rest.

A game 7 would also mean that Andy Pettitte probably doesn't pitch game 2. If AP were to pitch in game 2 it would be on 3 days rest (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday). Andy pitching on short rest is not of the question, but it's far from ideal for the Yankees. If the Yankees decide not to use Andy until game 4, that pretty much means that Chad Gaudin or Joba would be starting game 2. Not ideal either. I'd take Pettitte on short rest as opposed to that option.

The rain out tonight turns tomorrow;s game 6 into a huge game for the Yankees. If they want to put their best foot forward for the World Series, they need to finish off the Angels tomorrow night. For my money it's imperative that they do. They really need to treat game 6 like it's game 7. Win at all costs.

Peace, love and Pinstripes,