Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Joe Girardi Is Still A Big Fat Idiot

I've slept on it. I've thought about it all night. I still draw the same conclusion. Joe Girardi is a big fat idiot. I've been listening to baseball talk on MLB on XM all morning. I've check out a few sites on breaks and such. I haven't come across anyone who is on Girardi's side here. Everyone is in agreement. The moves he made yesterday were ridiculous. I've received a lot of visitors today from various web searches. Here's a sample of the search queries directing people here: "girardi is an idiot," "why did girardi pull robertson," "joe girardi stupid," "girardi horrible," and I could go on and on. They were stupid moves yesterday. They are stupid moves today.

The loss though can't be totally pinned on Girardi. The Yanks came up empty with RISP. If they could have mustered one timely hit they probably win that game in 9. With the exception of Jeter, A-Rod, and Posada, the team really isn't hitting the ball. That's where Girardi needs to shine. The team didn't hit the ball when they needed to. Girardi needs to pull the right strings to ensure the team gets another chance to knock in that run. He failed miserably at that yesterday. A major problem was also exploited when Matsui was lifted for a pinch-runner. With Matsui out of the lineup, A-Rod had no protection. The Angels wisely issued him 4 free ones when he came up. The Yankees might want to consider swapping Posada and Matsui in the lineup to avoid that from happening. If not, maybe bench Swisher and use him in that role. I know Swisher sucks with RISP but he's a better source of protection for A-Rod. The bench is very weak with no power. The only guys that can fill in as DH are all weak-hitting players. I bet they wish they had Hinske on the roster over Freddy Guzman. I know I do.

Girardi also needs to throw away his books. I'm not a fan of playing lefty/righty matchups. I get the theory behind it and I know why teams do it, but it doesn't mean they always should. Case in point: Brett Gardner is a lefty who hits lefties pretty well (.291 with .781 OPS). Jerry Hairston is a righty who doesn't hit lefties terribly well (.242 with .714 OPS). There was a game last year where Girardi lifted Pudge Rodriguez against a RHP and put Melky into the lineup. Since 1987, Pudge is a .295 hitter against RHPs. Melky is a career hitter .277 hitter vs. RHPs. My point is that the books don't always have the answers. If a guy can demonstrate that he can perform in the situation, put him in and let him do his thing. Jerry Hairston did not need to hit for Brett Gardner. Throw the books away Joe. Throw 'em away.

CC tonight on short rest. Works for me. Hope the offense shows up.

Peace, love and Pinstripes,



Rob A from BBD said...

The blog, The Yankee Universe is on his side. Although I feel he makes a weak argument. When a pitcher is dealing, like D-Rob was, you don't take him out. Stupid.

Anonymous said...

After last nite, Girardi has me nervous. He's been more of a meddler than a manager these last few games. 2-2 to guerrero and you go out and interrupt the flow of 2 guys with tons more combined playoff experience than you? Yikes. And not waiting another pitch or 2 before letting Gardner go on the steal? WTF??? Bring on the Maalox tonite.

J-Boogie said...

Rob-I agree with you. You have to also look ahead. Being on the road you need a pitcher to get out of the bottom of the inning. You can't pull a guy pitching effectively and leave yourself with 1 available RP, that you'rwe probably going to put in as soon as the DH spot pops up.

Anonymous- I'm a little worried but I think they'll be OK. Girardi made some stupid moves. If the Yankees truly are a great time, which I think they are, they'll rise above Girardi's miscues. You make a great point about going out to talk to Pettitte in that situation.

Anonymous said...
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