Saturday, October 3, 2009

Yanks Drop 2nd Straight To Rays

The Yanks lost for the 2nd straight time to the Rays tonight. I don't really care. I can't put a lot of stock in these games. The only thing I've been keeping my eye on is how the pitchers are doing. CC pitched last night and we all know how he did. I'm sure it wasn't the type of start anybody wanted to see from CC in his final start. He pretty much had nothing all night. I hope it's not a sign of what's to come in the postseason. His start after all was in October and he hasn't exactly been a strong October pitcher. I think he'll be fine.

Andy Pettitte pitched an OK ballgame tonight. I don't think it was bad. I don't think it was good. I wish it were a little better, but like with CC, I'm not worried about it. He got better as the game went on. There's a positive

The bullpen was solid. Well, those that are likely to pitch in the postseason were solid. Phil Hughes was a little shaky but I don't see that carrying over. David Robertson is on the bubble and he was a little rough around the edges but it was only his 2nd appearance since September 5th. If Robertson does make the postseason roster, I don't think he'll be used all that much. Maybe in blowouts or in extra inning games. I don't really see him pitching otherwise. Gaudin, Aceves, Coke and Bruney all looked good to me. I'm not concerned there either.

So they lost 2. Big deal. They're actually winning while they're losing. The Tigers have squandered their lead and they're now headed into the final day tied with the Twins. That's great news for the Yankees. The Tigers are in a position where they're going to have to use Justin Verlander tomorrow. That pretty much knocks him out of game 1 of the ALDS. I can't see the Tigers bringing him back on 2 days rest. The best thing that could happen now is that the teams finish tied and then have to play a 1-game playoff on Tuesday. That's pretty much going to knock the Tigers 2 best pitchers out of game 1 and the Twins best pitcher out of games 1 and 2. The pitching matchups would heavily favor the Yankees. I'm definitely pulling for a playoff.

1 game to go and then it's playoff time. I don't care if they win or lose. I'm just hoping they leave Tampa Bay healthy. If they do that, I'll be a happy camper.

Peace, love and Pinstripes,



Anonymous said...

Fact: The Tampa Bay Rays humiliated CC and aced out your bullpen both nights. You got beat by ROOKIE pitchers.
...the Rays would have beaten your $200million pretty boyz if your sleazy fat pitcher hadn't broken Carlos Peña's fingers.
How can you gloat about losing to the Rays after that? The Rays beat you in this series. The Rays can beat you any time. You have 4x the money and 1/10 the guts.

J-Boogie said...

CC had a pretty rough outing. That's fact. But name one pitcher who doesn't get sheeled every now and then. As for losing these games and the series to the Rays, as I wrote, it doesn't matter. These games aren't being managed or played to win. If they were, you wouldn't see Derek Jeter, A-Rod, Melky Cabrera, Johnny Damon and Hideki Matusi all sit. You wouldn't see Ramiro Pena, Juan Miranda, Francisco Cervelli, Shelley Duncan, Freddy Guzman, Eric Hinske and Jerry Hariston playing the last 3 innings of a 2-run game. These losses mean nothing.

Also, Carlos Pena got hit on September 7th. You really think with Pena in the lineup for 3 weeks they would have caught the Yankees, or even Boston for that matter.

If you want to have an intelligent baseball conversation, and not sling insults at players or drop the ever-so tired salary argument, feel free to drop me a line.

The best team is going to lose roughly 60 games each year, The best pitcher is going to get shelled a few times a year. These games mean nothing. The real games pick up again when the ALDS starts, or in Tampa's case, next April.

Tony said...

Just caught up with your blog via Twitter. Nothing to add because your analysis is solid. At this point who cares if TB wins today's game since the Yankees won the war after they destroyed Boston and got through their last West coast series intact.I also hope there are no needless battle scars going into the playoffs. (If CC played shortstop I might be concerned about his weight.)

J-Boogie said...

Thanks Uncle T. I'm real glad they escaped Tampa in tact with no injries. That's all i cared about. They're healthy and poised to do real well this postseason. But they have been before and look where they ended up? It's an exciting time. Can't wait for the games to kick off tomorrow, assuming they pick the longer series.