Friday, May 7, 2010

Taking One For The Team

I watched all of about 2 minutes of tonight's Yankees/Red Sox game. I turned it on and Phil Hughes had given up 0 hits and the Yanks were up 3-0. Hughes gave up a hit to J.D. Drew and then a hit to Youkilis. Then I turned the game off. I'm a very superstitious guy and I believe in jinxes. As soon as the idea popped into my head that my turning the game on somehow was bad for the Yankees, I flipped it off. It was incredibly difficult for me not to watch a Yankees/Sox game, especially with Phil Hughes pitching, but I decided to take one for the team and leave the game off. The Yankees rolled the Sox so all is good.

You know what time it is? It's time for a Hughes call. Huuuughes! Hughes is the man, ain't he? I wrote yesterday how great the Yankee rotation (minus Vazquez) is. Phil kept it going. Anybody still think Joba should be the 5th SP?

That's all I've got for tonight. I have to apologize for not cranking out a better entry. The work week has caught up with me. Getting up at 4:30am every day has taken it's toll on me. When I started this entry my mind was working. Now, about 5 minutes later, I can feel it shutting down. Life should get a little easier for me on Sunday. Not much but a little. We're moving out of the house this weekend and the plan is to be done tomorrow. Game is at 3pm. I'm picking up a U-haul at 3:30pm so I doubt I'll see any of the game tomorrow. I hate my life right now. I'm not use to all of the stress and lack of sleep.

Peace, love and Pinstripes,



cmrehrig said...

"Anybody still think Joba should be the 5th SP?"

Yeah, I do... he should be the 5th starter, taking up Vazquez's spot in the rotation. I'd rather see Joba losing games but potentially gaining experience than Vazquez losing games. I'd also have to think that Joba would have the ability to go more than 3+ innings in the past to games that Vazquez lost.

J-Boogie said...

Well played. My mind didn't even go there. Joba over Vazquez as the 5th makes a heck of a lot of sense right now.