Friday, May 14, 2010

Yankees Double Up The Twins With 8-4 Win

Today was the first day in a long time that I got to sit down and watch a Yankee game. I didn't get to watch the whole thing, just the 2nd half. I think I joined in the 5th inning when the game was tied at 2. I haven't enjoyed being away from the Yanks. I feel so out of touch it's not funny. I haven't been able to keep up on much. Life has calmed down a little bit since we're done moving so I'm hoping to get back into the groove. We'll see how that goes.

A.J. Burnett looked pretty good tonight. At least he did in the 2 innings I saw him pitch. He bounced back quite nicely from the beating he took from the Red Sox. The Yankees rotation, except for Vazquez, who in his defense didn't pitch poorly in his last start against Detroit, has been a been a strength all season. I know I'm a day late in this but better late than never: Huuuuughes! 5 Us for 5 Ws. Phil has definitely been the team's brightest star this season. He's without a doubt the best SP in the AL right now. I've been on the Hughes bandwagon since day one. I had a "Hughes 65" shirt when he first debuted. I picked up a #34 BP jersey when he switched his #. I love seeing how well he's doing. He's starting to live up to the hype. And then some.

I am so glad the official scorer gave the win to Joba. It would have been a travesty if Damaso Marte got the win. I've said this many times: I hate it when the lefty specialist can't get out the lefites. Marte came in to get out Joe Mauer and he couldn't do it. He then had to get out Justin Morneau and couldn't do it. He's lucky the Yankees offense bailed him out. Joba looked absolutely magnificent. He's pitching like the Joba of old. Just took a quick look at the numbers from his last few outings. He's been rock-solid his last 8 times out: 7.1 IP, 2 hits, 2 BB, 0 runs, and 11 K. Those 11 K came in his last 6.1 IP. Joba be rocking.

A-Rod was the big offensive hero tonight. I hope Ron Gardenhire learned his lesson: don't intentionally walk Mark Teixeira to get to Alex. You will pay and you will pay dearly. Speaking of Tex, I see he's still kind of slumping. He's at least hitting a little more regularly at least. I'm surprised he's still hitting as low as he is. His 2 hits tonight raised his average to .209. I'll feel good about Tex when his average gets closer to .250. The Yankees appear to be a little wounded and they're going to need Tex and Alex to deliver.

Tomorrow's game is at 1:05 and it looks like it'll be a good one. Andy Pettitte vs. Francisco Liriano. Both lefties are off to great starts. It's got pitcher's duel written all over it. So the final score will probably be something like 11-10.

Peace, love and Pinstripes,