Sunday, May 16, 2010

Unfortunately It Was A Yankee Free Weekend

I thought I was going to have a Yankee-filled weekend but it ended up being the exact opposite. Saturday turned out to be my sister's graduation party from college (Masters for Education). Her baby's daddy hooked it up and got a suite for everyone at a Buffalo Bisons' game. Never had been in a suite before. It was pretty cool. That family obligation took me away from Saturday's game. I turned the TV on today right after the game started. I flipped to YES. It said at the bottom of the screen that it was "MLB Baseball: Twins @ Yankees." But instead of Sergio Miter, I was looking at Bill O'Reilly talking to Michael Kay on CenterStage. WTF? I hopped online and saw that the game was on My9. Son of a B.

I was shocked when I pulled up the box score from today's game and saw how the Yankees lost. Total meltdown by the back of the bullpen. Mariano issues a 2-out walk and then a grand slam. Wow. It's probably a good thing I didn't get to see the game because that probably would have ruined my day.

I feel so far out if it when it comes to the Yankees right now. I'm still in the midst of a minor identity crisis right now. I don't get enough "me time" to feel like myself. Between work and raising 2 kids (3rd on way) it's tough to get much time to myself, without being totally exhausted when I get it. I need a little of it every now and then. I think everyone does just to keep sane. I miss getting to watch Yankee games from start to finish. I miss tweeting during games and blogging after games. I hope you guys bear with me as I figure my way through this. Come hell or high water there will be regular daily blogging here at the Boogie Down. It may take a week or two to figure it all out, but I will think of something. I think my sanity depends on it.

Peace, love and Pinstripes,