Thursday, July 17, 2008

All Star Cheers And Jeers

I'm still out here, just decided to take a brief hiatus during the ASB. A little free time to recharge my batteries for the 2nd half. I'll most likely post something tomorrow morning/afternoon. I will leave you with this. It''s my cheers and jeers for the All Star Game. Feel free to add your own.

Cheers to Terry Francona. I have to give Terry Francona a lot of credit as he exhibited a lot of class with how he managed and respected the Yankees during the game. It was real classy to pull A-Rod and Jeter mid-inning so they could receive the proper accolades from the fans. He also used Mo at just the right time. Well done Terry. Well done. Much respect due to you.

Jeers to the FOX broadcast and baseball analysts (TV/radio) everywhere. Am I the only one out there that thought Dioner Navarro was safe at the plate? I keep hearing everyone talk about how great Nate McLouth's throw was, which it was, but the tag was too high and it looked to me that Navarro was well across the plate before the glove made contact with his thigh. I haven't heard anyone mention that at all. Maybe I need new contacts but he sure looked safe to me.

Jeers to A-Rod for leaving the game before it was over. I don't think he even stayed for 9 innings.

Cheers to MLB for the pre-game ceremonies. Chilling watching all of those HOFers take their place on the field. Goosebumps. It reminded me of being at Old Timers Day a few years ago.

Jeers to the bleacher creatures for their roll call. You should have gone around the horn. I dislike the Sox as much as anybody, but they were on our team for that 1 day.

Cheers to Josh Hamilton. Watching the derby was fun again. Now just revamp the rules b/c he should have won.

Jeers to ESPN for again thinking the Derby would end in 2 hours. If you pulled up the program guide for the event, they had it listed as 2 hours, 8-10. When will they learn that the first round takes that long?

Peace, love and Pinstripes,



Mike said...

Navarro was safe.