Friday, July 4, 2008

Papelbon Is A B To The Itch

Sox up 3. Bottom of the 9th. 2 outs. 0-2 count. Runner on 2nd. Jonathan Papelbon throws up and in at Derek Jeter, sending him sprawling to the ground.

One word comes to mind: coward.

Well, other words come to mind, but I'll leave them up to your imagination. Feel free to add your own.



Joe said...

Ok, but didn't Joba throw at Youk's head twice last year in a game that was basically over? Was he too a coward? Or more importantly called a coward?

J-Boogie said...

Yeah, and from what I remember everyone was up in arms about it. It was quite the debate, did he or didn't he? I haven't seen that anywhere yet in this instance. Maybe I'm the only one with this view? But yeah, what Joba did was a little on the cowardly side.

But the difference is Derek Jeter is a first ballot Hall of Famer and Kevin Youkilis isn't remotely in the same ballpark.

Not trying to justify what Joba did, but there's also a difference between a rookie pitcher trying to "earn some respect" from his new teammmates and maybe being a guy who's a little geeked up in his 1st Sox/Yanks game, and a guy like Papelbon, who is thought of as one of the game's best closers.


Anonymous said...

Plus Jeter didn't whine and bitch about it afterwards, unlike SOMEBODY...

Anonymous said...

I think that you need to realize that the red sox are a superior team and they do superior things, and Derek Jeter is one of the most overrated players in baseball. A three run lead is never a safe lead, Papelbon was doing what it takes to close the game. I think you are the coward.

Joe said...

Well, in defense of J Boogie's boy, Jeter is a Hall of Famer. Whether you think he is overrated or not, he has always played the game right, and has been as mentally aware as anyone I have ever SEEN. And he does have the numbers to be in the Hall to go along with the "perception" that he is a Hall of Famer. He obviously doesn't have any range nowadays and I believe he has always been very, very overrated defensively, but on the offensive side he is one of the greatest hitting SS's ever. And his bat has taken a step back this year, but he should at least go upward from here on out.

And Papelbon wasn't really doing what it takes to close the game. Because throwing back to back balls when the Yankees were in dire need of one more baserunner to give themselves a chance to win wasn't all that smart anyway. Maybe one to set up a pitch away, but not two. Although my original comment just pertains to wanting the same view for players in both uniforms. One isn't more right than the other just because he plays on one's favorite team.

Anonymous said... can tell I am a red sox fan after this post!

FIRST OF ALL: You say Derek Jeter is a hall of famer!!! First Ballet!!! No way. I think he might be in the hall of fame but deffinately not a first ballet hall of famer!! True he has over a .300 career batting average but look at this year!! NO WAY NEAR a hall of famer!

SECONDLY: If you open your ears and listen to the annoucers they say that most power pitchers (like pabelbon)fall off the mound after they are done pitching.He didn't fall out in was because he was throwing to hard. Douche Bags.

THIRDLY: Joba is fat anyway. Who really cares about him. I mean really the guy really isnt that good at all! He is completely overrated as much of the yankees are. What he did to YOUKKKKK was completely un called for and i wanted youk to go out and put that bitch in his place last night. He didnt but thats what he should have done. Good for Youk to slide hard into him at home. He deserved it. And as for the yankees..they got a gift from the ump that game. Coco caught that ball and the game should have been over then!! So quit your bitching and live with the fact that the years of the yankees winning every year is over. Boston is taking over in everything!!! Celtics, Red Sox, Pats!!! WE ROCK! So go sit down a bitch somemore about your shitty teams because you have no class compared to the Red Sox!!!

J-Boogie said...

First of all, ballet is spelled ballot, deffinately is spelled definitely, and the word "to" when used in the phrase "to hard" is spelled too. But I'll overlook your academic shortcomings, of which there are apparently many.

Second of all, Jeter is a HOFer. No doubt. Nobody disputes that. And last time I checked, one year didn't make a career. It's one's body of work. 4 titles, 3 gold gloves, will have 3000 hits, a 300 average, and will be the statistical leader in many categories for the Yankees. First BALLOT, guaranteed. If you open your ears and listen to (notice the correct use of the word)announcers, you'll hear that they all agree that Jeter is a first BALLOT HOFer.

Papelbon being a power pitcher has nothing to do with his ability to throw up and in at a guy with 2 strikes and 2 outs in a 3-run game. It might put him out of position to field a grounder through the box, but it has no bearing on throwing up and in. I fail to see your point. By your argument, that would justify Joba throwing at Youk twice. Joba's a power pitcher so that makes it OK based on your point, yes? It can't be uncalled for for one and not the other. Which way do you want it to go?

And calling people "fat" and "bitches" and referring to NY teams as "shitty" DEFINITELY shows that we Yankee fans have no class comapred to the Red Sox. Thanks for pointing that out. I now need to re-evaluate my life and fandom. What would my life have become without you?