Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Sweep Caroline

I didn't catch much of tonight's Yankees victory. Our softball game ran long (almost 2 hours) and when I got home I had to install our new router in hopes of restoring our Internet connection (success). I had the game on but was only like a quarter paying attention. It was right during the 7th inning hit parade. Talk about an explosion. Boom.

I did however get to catch the end of the Rays/Red Sox game. Awesome. Totally awesome. My father-in law asked me, thru my wife, if I was pulling for TB even though they were in first. Didn't even have to think about it. Absolutely. I justified that decision to them by stating I'd rather catch the wild card first and worry about the division second. They then flipped it and asked what if Boston were in 1st and TB was in 2nd. It took a few more seconds to answer but I still went with the Rays. Dem Rays is good. Not sure if anyone caught the end of the game. I distinctly heard Neil Diamond's "Sweet Caroline" blaring from the Trop's loudspeakers. That made me laugh. Dem Rays is a cocky bunch and they deserve to be.

So it's time again for Yankees/Red Sox. Picture me here shrugging my shoulders and saying "ehh." The rivalry definitely isn't what it used to be. While I hope the Yankees sweep them right out of town, it's not a series I'm excited for, like Sox/Yanks series from years past. I'll still be watching though. Just saying, it's not the same. I'm sure tomorrow I'll feel slightly different.

And for those wondering, we won our softball game in extra innings, 15-14. If there was 1 game I wanted to win all year, it was this one. The team we played is a bunch of cocky tools who think they're God's gift to softball. A bunch of gym class heroes if you will. They purposely try to hit the ball to RF, which is where every team plays their weakest girl. Now I'm fine with that if you can hit it that way while keeping your back foot planted, but if you have to dance and take 2 steps backwards and angle your body that way just to hit it there, well then, you're a tool. They've also been known to instigate a fight or two and often yell obscenities at the ump if he makes a questionable call. This is a co-ed bar league and it's pretty much for fun. The prize to the winning team is a t-shirt that says "08 Champs" on the back. Yeah, that's worth fighting over. We were down 11-6 after 4 innings and 14-10 after 6. A 4-run 7th inning tied it up and we won in 8. It was awesome. It made the ride home much nicer.

Peace, love and Pinstripes,