Monday, July 14, 2008

RIP Bobby Murcer

I was in Toronto when I heard the news that Yankee legend Bobby Murcer had passed away. A fellow fan asked me if I had heard when we were standing outside the team hotel. He found out via a text message. As soon as it sunk in, I was instantly sad. It kind of put a huge damper on the night. I felt really bad for his fellow colleagues at the YES Network. You could see unbelievable levels of sadness on their faces when they walked off the team bus. Girardi looked crushed. David Cone had walked back from shopping and I told him I was sorry to hear about the loss of his friend. He exhaled deeply and said it was tough. I never met Bobby in person but having watched him on TV for so many years, I kind of felt like I knew him. It's definitely a sad time and he'll be missed.

Godspeed Bobby. Rest in peace.