Thursday, July 31, 2008

This Just In: Angels Are Scary Good.

Well that was fun. Not. Man the Halos are good. Far and away the best team in baseball. The Yanks didn't really stand a chance tonight, and this was the game they needed to win. They now need to hope that Darrell Rasner or Sidney Ponson can squeak one out. Me don't like their chances.

Andy Pettitte was not sharp tonight. He got better as the game went on, which isn't saying much, considering he got knocked around for 9 runs on 11 hits. I'm not putting much stock in his poor performance. He and Pudge had obvious communication problems and I'm sure that had a little to do with it. I'm not sure what kind of prep time the Yankee pitching staff had with Pudge, but I imagine it wasn't much. Now I have absolutely no idea what kind of effect throwing to a new catcher has on a pitcher, but it did appear to me that the two weren't connecting. But they did get better as the game went on. But Andy is better than that. He melted down in the 3rd. That was bad. Hopefully, the staff can get with Pudge so that they're all on the same page. Most of these guys are vets, including Pudge, so it shouldn't take long for them to get acclimated to each other and get a rhythm going.

Pudge's debut left a lot to be desired. They're talking now on the post game show that he probably got less than 3 hours of sleep yesterday with everything that goes along with being traded. Perhaps playing him today was not the best move. Jose Molina is a pretty good catcher. I'd rather see a rested Molina behind the dish than Pudge on 3 hours of sleep. Give him a day to collect himself. It's not like catching is the easiest position to play. A day off wouldn't have been a bad thing. He'll be fine.

Robbie's bat has cooled greatly, going 3 for 22 in his last 5 games. It's not like I thought he'd continue having multi-hit games every day. But I didn't foresee him slumping like this again. In their 8 straight wins, Robbie goes 18 for 35. In their last 5 games, as mentioned above, 3 for 22. The Yanks are 1-4 in those 5 games. Robbie needs to hit consistently if this team is going to win. The proof is in the pudding. On a whole, the offense did alright tonight. Scoring 6 runs on 12 hits normally wins games.

Tomorrow should be another fun one. Sidney "1.88 WHIP" Ponson is on the hill. If he gets rocked, and I'm thinking he will, he's done. There's no way he's the best option. I'd prefer to see Ian Kennedy pitch over Ponson. Hopefully, he's better than he's been tomorrow. And hopefully the Yankees give him the same type of run support he's gotten all year. The Yanks has scored 43 runs in his 5 starts. 43 divided by 5, carry the 1, umm, stupid long division. Seriously, I'll take 8 runs tomorrow. That should get it done. Assuming of course Sidney doesn't give up more than that, and quite honestly, I'm afraid he will.

With the loss tonight, we're now 1.5 back of Boston, which if you ask me, is a deficit that can be made up rather easily now that Manny is on a plane headed for LA. Man the Sox got hosed in that deal. Jason Bay is no slouch, but he's no Manny Ramirez. They essentially traded Manny, $7 million duckets, and 2 guys for Jason Bay?? If I made that trade in any fantasy league that trade would get vetoed with the quickness. But this is real life, and the trade stands. The Red Sox just got treated like an inmate in Oz. Yeah, you know what I'm talking about. I understand everything that's gone on with Manny, but how does that deal possibly make any sense? Sox ownership must have really wanted to rid themselves of Manny. I was talking to my father-in law tonight about the deal. He was listening to the utter garbage that is Buffalo local sports radio. Sox fans were calling in trying to justify that this was a good deal for the Sox. No matter how you try to spin it Sox fans, it's not a good deal. Not even close. You guys are done he says while shaking his head, grinning and smiling from ear to ear.

Peace, love and Pinstripes,



Joe said...

Well, we get Jason Bay for one more year right in his prime. So that is good. Manny has lost bat speed, still better than Bay, but it isn't as if Manny is 29 anymore. This was probably his last year in Boston, so getting younger isn't that bad.

Anonymous said...

"Denial" is not just a river in Africa, Joe.