Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Soap Opera That Is The Life Of Alex Rodriguez

Came across an interesting article after logging out of my Hotmail account. Apparently, or allegedly, A-Rod is hooking up with Madonna, who is seeking a divorce from her husband Guy Ritchie. If true, I'm inclined to believe that Alex probably has some kind of "agreement" with his wife about being the occasional free agent. Who in their right mind would be so open about infidelity? Doesn't make sense to me that Alex would be so careless in his actions, but then again, who knows? If there is no agreement, Cynthia should probably get on the horn with Joey Greco and do some investigation into his affairs, Cheaters-style.

Maybe that rumor about the Rodriguez's being swingers had some substance to it after all? Hey Alex, you down with OPP? Yeah you know me.



Vanessa said...

If this is true and his wife doesn't know about it... wow. A-Rod just won't settle with the monumental publicity he already recieves.

Good thing he can swing a bat, or else he'd just be another Spitzer.


J-Boogie said...

If she doesn't know about it he has to be one of the stupidest people on the planet, which makes me think she does know about. After his escapades in Toronto became public, my thought was that his wife didn't care as long as she didn't hear about it. But she's hearing about it....so who knows?

yankeehottie said...

I really doubt this is true, not that Alex wouldnt cheat but that he would with Madonna, I just dont see it. I see it happening with me but not with her :)

Anyways if its true Cynthia will probably just pop out another kid, all those kids are like a 5 million dollar deposit in her bank account. She's no dummy.