Sunday, November 15, 2009

Shall We Play A Game?

Earlier this past season, I got into a healthy debate about 2 players with a friend of mine. He preferred the Yankees have one and I preferred the Yankees had the other. I'm curious who you would prefer to have if you solely look at their stats. I don't want to give away their identities until later. All I will say is that they play the same position and one is a current Yankee. I'm sure you can figure out who is who if you tried but no cheating. Just go off of what's below and make the call. I'm curious to know who the majority prefers solely based on what's below.

Player A: 27 year old RH (7 mos. older than player B)
2009 Plate appearances: 724
AVG: .286
OBP: .330
SLG: .499
2B: 37
3B: 0
HR: 36
Total bases: 340
RBI: 108
R: 103
K: 98
GIDP: 17
Fielding %: .991
Zone rating: 4.842
Career ABs: 2402
Career AVG: .285
Career OBP: .337
Career SLG: .434

Player B: 27 year old LH (7 mos. younger than player B)
2009 Plate appearances: 674
AVG: .320
OBP: .352
SLG: .520
2B: 48
3B: 2
HR: 25
Total bases: 331
RBI: 85
R: 103
K: 63
GIDP: 22
Fielding %: .984
Zone rating: 5.362
Career ABs: 2855
Career AVG: .306
Career OBP: .339
Career SLG: .480

If you want any other statistics let me know and I'll be glad to get them for you. I kind of talked about this earlier in the year and someone left me a comment saying I was drunk for preferring my choice. I'll reveal that later.

Peace, love and Pinstripes,



Anonymous said...

What position do they play?

Anonymous said...

I am very interested to hear the ending of this.

I like player B personally.

J-Boogie said...

Anon #1: I know that could help with the decision making but it'd probably give away their identities.

Anon #1: I'll wait for a few more responses before I reveal who is who and who I picked.

John C. said...

Other question is how much do they each make?

Also, I think I know who the two players are- may I make a guess?

By the way, I'm all three Anonymous's (Anonymi? haha)

Only reason I selected that is cause it's the only way the blog will let me post a comment. Didn't see this other button, haha.

-John C.

Rob A from BBD said...

Sorry if I'm ruining this for somebody, but I'm guessing that one of these guys is Cano. I'm interested in seeing who they are. I think it's pretty easy to tell who's the better player.

J-Boogie said...

John C- Both make 7 figures and Player B makes about 2.5 times more give or take. I don't want to give away exact figures.

Rob - I can neither confirm or deny their identities at this time. I'm sure anyone with time and an internet connection can figure it out. If you happen to, don't spoil it. I was hoping people would just go off what's listed, though I doubt that many other people will comment.

I'll probably give it another day before the big reveal. Maybe tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Player B