Tuesday, November 17, 2009

So, Who's The Better Player?

The other day I posted the 2009 stats for 2 players asking the question who would you prefer based on their stats. For those who didn't check it out, here were the stats:

Player A: 27 year old RH (7 mos. older than player B)
2009 Plate appearances: 724
AVG: .286
OBP: .330
SLG: .499
2B: 37
3B: 0
HR: 36
Total bases: 340
RBI: 108
R: 103
K: 98
GIDP: 17
Fielding %: .991
Zone rating: 4.842
Career ABs: 2402
Career AVG: .285
Career OBP: .337
Career SLG: .434

Player B: 27 year old LH (7 mos. younger than player B)
2009 Plate appearances: 674
AVG: .320
OBP: .352
SLG: .520
2B: 48
3B: 2
HR: 25
Total bases: 331
RBI: 85
R: 103
K: 63
GIDP: 22
Fielding %: .984
Zone rating: 5.362
Career ABs: 2855
Career AVG: .306
Career OBP: .339
Career SLG: .480

Both play the same position and one is a current Yankee. Ready for the big reveal? Drum roll please.....insert drum roll sound here............

Player A is Toronto's Aaron Hill, winner of the 2009 Silver Slugger award for AL 2B. Player B is the Yankees' Robinson Cano. The comments from the original post all picked player B (Cano) as the guy they preferred. I'm in 100% agreement.

Several months ago, while in Toronto for a Yankees/Jays series, a friend of mine made the comment that the Yankees needed to deal Cano for Aaron Hill. I told him he was on drugs and tried so hard to convince him that Hill over Cano was stupid but I failed. My buddy also wanted the Yanks to deal Joba or Phil Hughes for Ricky Romero, but that's for another day.

I actually wrote about it months ago and was left a comment regarding my choice of Cano over Hill. The comment read, "Cano over Aaron Hill?It is nice that you are able to drink so much and still write such complete posts. Usually when people are that intoxicated they pass out, or vomit, or drunk dial their exes." I stand by that choice. Those that commented also seem to agree. I think the stats back it up.

There is no way that Aaron Hill is a better ballplayer than Robinson Cano. I'd even argue that Cano was more deserving of winning the 2009 Silver Slugger. Hill may have a little more power and his RBI total is a little inflated because of where he hits in the order, but that's really all he has, and the only time he's had it over Robbie was last year. Now that I think about it, I definitely think Robbie got robbed.

Both have played in 5 major league seasons. Cano has hit over 300 3 times, with 1 of the below 300 seasons finishing at .297. Hill has never hit 300, topping out at .291. Hill's OBP has never topped 350. Cano has eclipsed that plateau 3 times. Cano has slugged above .450 4 times while Hill's done it twice. Cano has slugged over 500 twice. Hill never has. Both have identical career fielding percentages. Cano is younger and he's also a lefty. The choice between a lefty and righty in Yankee Stadium is a no-brainer. And despite all of that, I couldn't convince him. And honestly, if you put these guys in neutral parks, I'm still taking Cano.

So am I the one on drugs? Am I intoxicated because I will prefer Cano to Hill? If there's anyone out there who wants to make a case for Hill, I'd love to hear it. Whether it be as who's the better player or who should have won the Silver Slugger. And if you're going to come at me and say I'm drunk and whatnot, back it up with something. Tell me why if you disagree.

If anyone's interested, last year I did a similar comparison on my other blog, Elect Mike Mussina, comparing Mike to a slam-dunk HOfer. For my money, Mike was the clear-cut winner. Give it a look.

Peace, love and Pinstripes,



Elvis said...

I agree with you. Just in terms of sheer upside. Cano's potential still hasn't been tapped yet and we're gonna see in about 2 yrs Cano be one of the best hitters in the league. I mean he's only played 5 seasons and he and Jeter are the first SS and 2B to hit 200 hits. That kind of hitting is invaluble. And Cano's a lefty. That causes problems for opposing rotations and DUH they're in Yankee Stadium. Aaron Hill is a good player but I'll stick with Robbie Cano all day. I personally feel he should be batting 5th this year but I can't really complain when Matsui was on such a tear in the WS.

Also, Robbie has a much stronger arm than Hill. I've seen him make plays that no other 2B can really make which really save pitchers' arms from having to continue pitching in an inning.

Ur friend needs to get off the crack.

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J-Boogie said...

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J-Boogie said...

Elvis - As you know I agree. Cano is going to win batting titles with decent power numbers. He's got all of the tools to be on e of the best 2b ever to don the Pinstripes. I see HOF potential in RC, don't see that in Hill.