Sunday, November 1, 2009

Yankees Come From Behind To Beat The Philles, Take 2-1 Lead In World Series

Man it's late. I've been up since about 5:15 and I'm exhausted. You think that'll stop me from doing a little postgame blogging? Please. The Yankees did what they do best and that's pull off another come from behind victory. It didn't look good early but the team fought back and walked away with the W and a 2 games to 1 lead over the Phillies. Yankees win! Thuhhhhh Yankees win!

Pettitte battled his way thru the game tonight. He really only had 1 bad inning and he pretty much locked it down after the 2nd inning. He had to keep the Phillies off the board to allow the team to get back in it and that's exactly what they did. Well done Andy. Way to pick up yet another postseason win.

I'm shocked by how many Yankee fans write the game off so early in the game. Seriously guys. You should know better. It wouldn't be a Yankee game if they didn't play from behind. A 3-run deficit is nothing to these guys. Especially in the 2nd inning. There were a lot of "tweeters" or "twitterers" (whatever they're called) lining up to jump off their nearest bridge when it was 3-0. I remained cool, calm and collected. I've watched this team enough to know you can never count 'em out. I'm surprised people forget that. Shameless plus: You can follow me on Twitter by clicking here.

I got a text from my friend and fellow Yankee fan Tom after the 2nd inning asking me when this team was going to wake up and score? My response to him simple said, "the 4th inning." Nailed it. The flood gates opened on Cole Hamels once A-Rod broke out of his slump and a 2-run HR off a TV camera. With how the umpiring has gone this postseason I thought for sure they were going to keep it a double. It was obviously a homer. Glad they got it right.

I can't believe Nick Swisher finally decided to show up. "The Rally Killer" as I affectionately call him had a pretty good day at the plate. I hope he gets his act together for these final games.

Phil Hughes is killing me. The last thing I wanted to see tonight once the 9th inning started was Mariano Rivera. I don't know what's wrong with Phil but he sucks right now. Actually, saying he sucks might be an understatement. My theory would be is that he's lacking confidence which is a shame because it should be through the roof after the regular season he had. Kudos to the rest of the pen for pitching so well. Damaso Marte has been a pleasant surprise this postseason. He seems to be the new Phil Coke, meaning he's Girardi's preferred lefty. Hey, go with it. If it ain't broken, don't fix it.

The Yankees are absolutely owning Ryan Howard. I wrote before the World Series started that the Yankees would be best served by throwing as many lefties as possible. I said it would shut down the Phillies, specifically Jimmy Rollins and Ryan Howard. CC starts tomorrow night. It shouldn't get any easier for these guys. Speaking of Jimmy Rollins, I wonder how he's feeling about the prediction he made that the Phillies would win it in 5. Looks like someone should have kept his mouth shut. J-Roll also made a comment that when it came to facing Mariano Rivera, that the team "saw some things." You know what I saw tonight there Jimbo? The same thing I see every night Mo pitches. The Yankees fist-bumping each other on the infield grass celebrating a win. I especially love how Rollins did what most lefties do against Mo. He broke his bat on a weak pop up in the infield. Go watch some more game tape there Jimmy. It still wouldn't help.

CC makes the start tomorrow night on short rest against Joe Blanton. After game 2 I said that I really liked the Yankees' chances in games 3 and 4. The team got the job done tonight. If they can get it done tomorrow they'll be 1 win away from winning the franchise's 27th world title. CC has been awesome lately and does well on short rest. I don't want to get ahead of myself but I'm liking their chances.

9 down, 2 to go.

Peace, love and Pinstripes,



Jason from The Heartland said...

I feel the same way about their chances, J-Boogie. The Phillies are tough, and Blanton is no pushover. But the Yanks showed considerable resiliency last night, as well as some much-needed offensive diversity. Swish looked as good at the plate as I have seen him in some time. Great to see Matsui smack the ball where it was pitched--the opposite way. Marte sure brought the nasty last night. I could get used to that. I advocated C.C. going on short rest regardless of where they stood in the Series, and there is no way they can pass on the chance to go up 3-1. Get it done, Big Guy.

Two more to go, J-Boogie.