Friday, May 2, 2008

Chien-Ming Again Shows He's A True #1, Yanks Beat M's 5-1

I am so glad the game ended when it did. I can't stay awake much longer. I started nodding off in between pitches during the bottom of the 8th and figured I needed to get up and make it to the PC in order to make it through the 9th. I did 20 miles today. Thankfully it's the weekend and i can sleep in tomorrow and pick up some needed rest. 3 days to go in this contest. Can't "weight" for it to end.

Chien-Ming Wang did exactly what he needed to do and that was to shut down the Mariners. As I mentioned in my last post, Wang needed to have his A-game because the Yanks would struggle against Erik Bedard. Wang, as usual, didn't disappoint. You couldn't have asked for more. I've said it many, many times on this blog. Wang is an ace. A true #1. The Yankees needed a shut down performance and that's what they got. #1s and aces are expected to stop losing streaks. Wang got the job done. 6 strong innings, 3 hits, 1 run, 2 BB and 5 Ks. He couldn't do much about the run the M's scored either. That was all Ichiro. Not much you could do about that. I am again impressed with Wang's ability to effectively throw pitches other than the sinker. He's evolved into quite the pitcher. He's now 6-0 with an ERA of 3 on the nose. Pretty impressive. The Yanks haven't exactly being showering Wang with run support either. Wang has now started 7 games and these are the finals from his wins: 3-2 (against Roy Halladay), 2-0 (against James Shield), 4-1 (in boston against Clay Buchholz, 9-5 (against Jose Contreras), 1-0 (against CC Sabathia), and 5-1 (against Erik Bedard). The Yankees have won all 7 of his starts and he's beaten some top tier pitchers, arguably some of the best in the league. He's putting this team on his back and carrying them through these games. And that's what aces and true #1s do. Memo to Brian Cashman: Lock Wang up now!

The offense as expected was pretty blah against Bedard. They managed 4 hits off him early and then he pretty much shut them down. The Yanks got hooked up by several defensive miscues. Color me unimpressed. But it's Erik Bedard. He's arguably the best pitcher in the game. They did get some late runs against some dude I've never heard of before so that doesn't impress me much. They should do that.

The bullpen was great tonight. Farnsworth was impressive. He finally did what everyone has wanted him to do for years. He successfully got the team across the bridge to the tandem of Joba and Mo. Farnsworth has pretty pretty well lately. I know he gave up a bomb in his last outing but he's given up runs in only 2 of his last 8 outings, both coming on the longball. I can dig that. And what can I say about the tandem of Joba and Mo that hasn't been said time and time again. Get the ball to them with a lead and the game is pretty much over. My only beef is that the Yankees picked up insurance runs taking away a save opportunity for Mo. My fantasy team could have used another save. But I'll take a perfect inning. Mo has been awesome this year. I've said this before and I'll say it again: Best. Closer. Ever.

The Yankee bats will probably have another rough go of it tomorrow when they face King Felix. Moose gets the ball and probably needs a Wang-esque performance if the team wants a shot at winning. Moose has thrown the ball well this year in my opinion. I wish he wasn't matched up against a team's better pitchers but that's the hand the Yanks have been dealt. I'm a big Moose guy and I expect good things from him every time. I hope the bats give him some support and we get back to .500.

I'll be asleep literally seconds after my head hits the pillow. I'm amazed this post was so coherent.

Peace, love and Pinstripes,



Jason said...

J-Boogie, you're kicking ass and taking names with all the running and hard work you're doing. You're setting a good example for the rest of us. Keep up the good work, buddy. Thanks also for the very kind words and inclusion of my comment at "Bleeding Pinstripes" here. It's much appreciated.

Cool Hand Nuke LaFarnsworth has been something else, no? In his last eight IP, he's allowed only four hits, two runs earned, three walks, and fanned ten. That's pretty impressive and all the more important without Bruney. I agree about Mariano, and think that it's really not even debatable. Mariano is the best closer, best reliever, ever. He makes it look incredibly easy when it's anything but, and he's stomping the opposition this year.

Wang has really dominated, and has done a tremendous job of mixing in all his pitches--a great sign that makes his bowling ball sinker all the more deadly.

Matt said...

People who assert Wang isnt a #1 s/b required to name 30 starters who are better. And when they start naming people like Felix Hernandez, you know they dont understand what makes a valuable pitcher.

Is he a top tier #1? I dont think so, but I agree he's underrated because of his style of pitching rather than a genuine lack of effectiveness. I think a good comp for Wang, in both respects, might be a young Derek Lowe.

Rivera? I hate the Yankees, but he's the best closer ever, by a large margin, IMO. Hoffman's a big icon, especially for us National League guys, but trust me, he's not in Mariano's league - currently or career.

J-Boogie said...

Thanks Jason. I have been busting my hump all wekk to try to eek out a victory in this contest. I'm extremely happy with the results and i can't wait for it to end on Monday morning so I can actually eat some good food again. I've been running on 700 calories a day which is tough. It's been worth it though. I'm very pleased. It's amazing what you can do what you put your mind to it. Kind of like our boy Nuke. Maybe's he worked things out in his head and now has it in the ball game. I like what I've seen from him.

Matt- I agree with you about Wang. He's been at the top of the game for the last 3 years and I'd be hard pressed to name 15 starters who are better. I think he's top tier, but I'm obviously a little biased. And there's no doubt about Mo. Joe Torre nailed it when he said they never would have won those World Series if it weren't for him. He's the best.