Thursday, May 15, 2008

Pathetic On So Many Levels

What a horrible series. The Yanks looked absolutely terrible against the Tampa Bay Rays. Today's series finale was no different. The Yankees managed to score 6 runs in the 4 game series. 6 runs? For all intents and purposes the Yankees averaged 6 runs a game last year (5.975 if I did the math right). They are absolutely horrible. To quote Daffy Duck, "It's desssssspicable."

I didn't think Ian Kennedy pitched as bad as he did before, but he still managed to increase his ERA from 8.37 to 8.48. W. T. F? I just don't get it. He had a pretty good balls to strike ratio. He only walked one. I kind of liked what I saw, but it still wasn't good. We need better.

Speaking of needing better, score some freakin' runs guys. I know we currently without some big guns in the lineup but come on, 6 runs in 4 games? Pathetic. What really stings is that the Yankees managed to outhit the Rays today. They're just not stringing it together. Johnny Damon's bat has cooled incredibly. 1-18. That's not what we need from our leadoff hitter. When Johnny's on, the team seems to be on, and they seem to win. It all starts at the top. Pete Abraham has some pretty interesting stats on his blog:

* The Yankees are hitting .229 against lefties.
* They’ve scored six runs in the last 42 innings.
* They were outscored 15-6 in this series.
* Johnny Damon was 1 for 18 in the series.
* They drew 10 walks in four games against Tampa Bay.

Pretty. Frickin'. Horrible. They're have been some bright spots. It's too bad that each game only has 1 or 2 shining stars. We need 5-7 guys cranking, something that they're capable of. Tuesday can't get here soon enough.

The pitching looks pretty good right now. Wang, Moose and Rasner all had great last outings and have been good all year. Pettitte will be Pettitte. The 5th spot in the rotation is ugly. The starters ERA in May is 3.45 (not including today). The bullpen has even been extremely solid as of late, all year really. These stats do not include today's 4 inning no run performance but the Yankee bullpen has a season ERA of 3.30, 4th best in the AL (.01 behind Minnesota). They're solid. Pitching isn't the problem. the offense is what blows. If the offense can get it going consistently, this team will do alright. Despite being in the cellar, I still think things will get better. Alex comes back soon. Thank God. Get Ensberg out of here. I love Jose Molina but his bat is nothing compared to Jorge. The injuries have hurt but that's baseball. The hole they're digging is nothing they can't get out of. I heard Michael Kay say something on his radio show. I'm not a big Kay fan but this made sense. He said that most guys will likely end up performing like their stats on the backs of their baseball cards. If a guy's a .300 hitter, he probably won't hit .200 all year, i.e. Robinson Cano. This team is chock full of solid, consistent above average performers, and you know that there is no way this offensive slump will continue for long. It will balance out in the end. When it starts swinging in an upward direction, watch out.

It's time for interleague play. I'm not a big fan because some teams make out better than others. I understand "rivalry week" and all but it definitely can give a team an unfair advantage in the schedule department. It's good for the game, but has some drawbacks. They have to face Johan Santana tomorrow night. I wouldn't be surprised if he throws a perfect game with the way they're hitting. Truly pathetic.

Come on boys, start hitting the ball!