Thursday, May 8, 2008

Yanks Win 6-3, Leave For The D At .500

I missed the game today (stupid work) so this entry won't have a lot to it. I caught the first 3.5 innings and the last 2.5 on my XM radio. I left at 0-0, came back at 4-3, and heard it end 6-3.

From what I heard, I thought Moose pitched pretty well. I missed the 5th inning when he gave up 3 runs. When I got back to my desk I quickly pulled up the box score. Moose's line didn't look unimpressive. 4 hits and 3 ER in 5 IPs, 86 pitches. It reads pretty good. Maybe if someone saw the game can let me know their impressions. Anyway, Moose moves to 5-3. He's off to a much better start this year. He just needs to make it deeper into games.

I missed Ross Ohlendorf's outing. I heard the last out of the 7th. It sounds like he had a good outing. I like Ohlie. I think his only problem is that he doesn't trust his stuff enough. Joba bounced back nicely from his blown save/loss from the other day. It was nice to hear him get Dellucci swinging. If only he could have done that the other day. And Mo. Still perfect. You gotta love Mo. He's been the man this year. His DHL Delivery Man award for the month of April was well deserved.

The boys brought out the lumber today. 4 longballs. Not bad. I'd rather see them pick up a nice string of base hits though. I think the longball mentality is one of the reasons why they're struggling at the plate. I sense that too many guys are looking to tie it up or put the team ahead with one swing then they are moving runners along. I'd rather see them do that. Matsui picked up 2 more hits and extended his hitting streak to 17. Godzilla is absolutely locked in right now. He's definitely carrying more than his weight offensively. The picture of consistency. Could Robbie Cano's 1st multi-hit game since April 12th signal the end of his season long slump? God I hope so. Robbie's now hit in 5 of his last 6 games, raising his average about 20 points. We need that bat Robbie. Keep it up.

So the team leaves home on a win and heads to Detroit looking for a little vengeance. A series sweep on their turf would be nice. I'm sick of this lose 2, win 2 style of play. Let's win a few, lose 1, and then win a few more. They're better than that.

A friend and I are making the roadie to see the team play on Saturday. The Tigers were nice enough to send me an e-mail today letting me know the start time is moving up 5 minutes. Phew. I'm glad they told me. The matchup for Saturday is Rasner vs. Bonderman. It's not the pitching matchup I was hoping for when I bought the tickets but what can you do. I'm just excited I'm going to see them play live. Now I don't have to wait until late July when they head to Toronto. Tomorrow's game should be pretty interesting. Kei Igawa makes his season debut. I'm not sure what to expect?