Sunday, May 18, 2008


You think I'd be used to crappy performance after crappy performance by now. It's getting ridiculous to watch. The Yankees right now are flat out boring. It's difficult to watch. I can't be the only one out there that assumes once they give up 4 runs that the game is over, regardless of the inning. It's pitiful to watch such a potent lineup go out and do nothing.

Oliver Perez owns the Yankees. 3 straight wins against them. And he's not that good. Just another case of a marginal pitcher owning the Yanks. Absolutely horrible. I think it's pretty safe to say that the Yankees are not built to beat left-handers. It should get better when A-Rod and Jorge return but I'm starting to have my doubts.

Bobby Abreu is really ticking me off. When he struck out looking with 1 out and a runner on 3rd in the 5th inning I wanted to throw my remote control through the TV. He's just one of the many bats that we need to wake up! He's 3 for his last 18. During the ESPN broadcast, Jon Miller mentioned that Bobby Abreu has the best arm on the team. I'm nor sure Miller watches baseball sometimes. Abreu should have gunned down David Wright on Alou's 7th inning sac fly. As soon as I saw Wright break for home I thought they had him. But there's Bobby making an absolutely horrible throw. He also should have thrown out Ryan Church but the throw was offline. It could have been an entirely different game had he made those throws. Who am I kidding? They still wouldn't have scored. They had 3 measly hits.

There inability to hit when they need to is remarkable. Matsui lined out with 2 out and a runner on 2nd in the 1st. Melky and Alberto failed to get Giambi home from 2nd in the 2nd. Melky and Alberto failed to get Cano home from scoring position in the 4th. Damon, Abreu and Jeter all fail to score Molina from scoring position in the 5th. Cano grounds into a DP in the 6th. No hits from the 5th inning on. The lack of clutch/timely hitting on this team astounds me.

Chien-Ming Wang pulled an Andy Pettitte and melted down in the 4th inning. Wang was perfect through 3 and then the roof caved in. The 4th inning was such a crappy inning to watch. The inning went south when he walked Beltran. Giambi makes a great stop and makes a horrible throw to 2nd pulling Jeter from the bag. You've got to get the out there. The play was to first. You'd think Giambi would know he can't make that throw. Why try? Alou then accidentally hits a 2-run single. Weak. That inning should have never been that bad. If it's not the offense failing Wang, it's the defense. But that's baseball. Wang needed to take care of business and he couldn't quite get it done. The walk to Beltran killed him. I thought Wang pitched alright. not good enough to win, but better than his pitching line indicates. And big thanks to Ross Ohlendorf for totally having Wang's back. Not.

My buddy, who is a Mets fan, sent me a text message calling for the umpire's head for reversing the Delgado HR call. That's baseball. Every team is going to benefit from blown calls. As much as it sucks when it happens to your team, you'll eventually reap the benefits of bad umpiring. It's to be expected when you rely on the human eye to make those calls. If they ever bring in instant replay, it should only be on potential home runs. I wanted to text him back and tell him not to worry because the Yankees weren't going to score 3 runs anyway but I didn't want to drop the dime on the text. Am I the only one who wanted to mute the TV when miller and Morgan went on for what seemed like forever about the fair pole? Shut up already.

I have to think that if Hank Steinbrenner were watching the game he has to be thoroughly pissed and embarrassed that the Mets fans basically ran the Yankees fans out of the building. I now the volume of Mets fans is expected to be high since the two teams play a few miles apart from each other, but you can't have that in Yankee Stadium. You could hear the Mets fans all game. But listening to them roar with 2 outs in the 9th was ridiculous. I'm curious if there will be any Hank quotes on this, assuming he was paying attention.

The Yankees now need my boy Mike Mussina to be the stopper. Even if Moose is totally on I think the Yanks will be in for a battle as they are going up against Daniel Cabrera. Cabrera is no slouch and he's already pitched well against the Yankees this year. I think Moose will do well Tuesday but I don't see much coming from the offense. They really need Alex and Jorge back in the lineup. Thankfully Alex is back.

Sadly, it probably won't do a bit of good. Enjoy the off day.