Sunday, May 4, 2008

D-Raz Does What The Kids Couldn't Do, Yanks Sweep M's

D-Raz-a-ma-taz. Welcome back to the Bronx. Congrats on getting the job done. I was a little nervous after he gave up the 1st inning dinger to Beltre, but after that it was pretty much smooth sailing. Not bad for a season debut. 6 innings, 5 hits 4 K and NO WALKS and on 76 PITCHES! Phil and Ian: TAKE NOTES! That's how you do it. That's what we need. He looked pretty good from what I saw. I had to leave after the 4th and missed the last half of the game. But after looking at the box score it doesn't look like I missed much. Hopefully Rasner can continue his hot start and give the team solid outings like he did today. I think he will. Kei Igawa? I'm not so sure about. He's rumored to be coming up this weekend. I'm going to Detroit for the Saturday afternoon game and lucky me will probably get to see him pitch. Yay, can't wait. Insert sarcasm here.

The offense, well most of it, was again clicking today. Coincidentally, it stopped clicking once I left the house and had the game off. I'm glad I got to see the whole shebang. They rocked Silva bringing the sinkerballer back down to Earth. I can't get overjoyed because all of the offense came from the same old same old with the exception of a solo shot by Cano. Jeter seems to have broken out of whatever funk he was in. I'm glad I put him back in my fantasy lineup. Matsui remains hot, extending his hitting streak to 14 games. Melky hit his team-leading 6th HR. Yeah, that's not a type-o. It's crazy to say that Melky is our best longball threat. Abreu had 3 base hits and the table continues to be set by a hot Johnny Damon. I think JD is the key to this whole thing. When he's on, the team seems to do pretty well. And then of course the same old same old show their struggles, but did find a way to chip on. Giambi knocked in a run on a sac fly the opposite way. I thought for a split second that it might get by Ibanez but he made a great play on it. And Robinson Cano hit a much needed HR, but it was his only hit. I'm hoping he kicks it in to gear soon. He's too great a hitter. He has to break out of this slump. With Jorge and Alex on the shelf, the team needs all engines firing.

Finally we're treated to a much deserved off day. It feels like forever since the boys have had a day off. It's coming at the right time. I only hope the momentum of a series sweep is not going to take a hit by a day of rest. The bats are finally starting to show signs of life. The arms had a great week. I kind of wish we had some Yankees baseball tomorrow. The Tribe are coming to town and the Yanks draw two of their best pitchers in Fausto Carmona and Cliff Lee. It won't be easy but I think they can handle it.

17-16, 3 games back of first. Not a bad place to be. Not a bad place at all.